Hipster Panty

Hipster panties (हिप्स्टर पैंटी) save you from visible panty lines, digging waistbands, and restricted movement. If you are looking for perfect panties that sit a few inches below your waistline, opt for a hipster panty that offers full hip coverage and provides support under low-rise clothing. We have 100+ hipster panties (ஹிப்ஸ்டர் பேன்ட்டி) in different colours, prints, patterns, and designs. Our hipster panties (ഹിപ്സ്റ്റർ പാന്റീസ് ) are hand-picked by our lingerie designers to provide optimum comfort. They are made of high-quality fabric that suits Indian weather and is suitable for all skin types. Wear panties that don't leave a mark and have gusset lining for additional protection. They are perfect for all body shapes that need ample full rear coverage. Our stylists recommend hipster panties for women with a triangle body shape because they provide more coverage.  If you want to buy regular-use panties, look no further than Shyaway because we have a wide range of collections at affordable prices.

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What is a hipster panty?

Hipster panty is a bridge between boyshorts and bikinis. Hipster pants sit a few inches below the waistline and perfectly on the user’s hips. The main reason women choose hipster panties is that they come in a variety of styles that are appropriate for a variety of occasions. Hipster panties can be worn every day because they have wider sides and low-cut leg openings that provide the user with complete comfort and support. Hipster panties for girls provide full coverage and a perfect fit on body-hugging outfits.

Types of Hipster Panties

Ladies hipster panties are classified according to their style, fabric, coverage, and waist level.

Hipster Style Panties:

Casual hipster panties are ideal for everyday wear because of their style and comfort. These casual hipster panties allow you to completely relax and enjoy the day. Hipster underwear for women comes in a variety of patterns and prints to suit your mood.

Lacework hipster panties make you feel seductive and sassy. They are made of breathable material and offer good coverage. They give you an elegant and stylish appearance from the inside out.

No visible panty lines are hipster underwear for ladies, the panty edges provide a smooth and neat finish, allowing you to say goodbye to visible panty lines.

Printed Hipsters are prints with bright colors and pretty patterns that will instantly brighten your day. Hipster pants come in a variety of prints, including stripes, floral and geometric shapes, and patterns.

Plus size hipsters aim to cater to curvy women. This plus-size hipster underwear for ladies is ideal for wearing to meetings, clubs, and family outings. There is a wide range of plus-size panties with cool patterns.

Hipster waist level Panties:

Hipster briefs for women are classified into three waist levels.

High waist panties provide full coverage and cover the majority of the stomach and waist area, leaving a seamless finish. These high waist panties are worn under body-hugging outfits such as high-waist jeans or bottoms to lift your buttocks.

Low waist panties are designed to fit perfectly under low-waist pants, providing all-day comfort with no visible panty lines. These ladies hipster pants are ideal for wearing with low waist jeans or bottoms.

Mid waist panties are designed to hide a woman’s pot belly and allow her to embrace her curves to perfection.

Hipster coverage panties:

There are two different types of coverage
Full coverage panties cover the tummy and lift the buttocks to provide full coverage. Most women prefer these panties because they are extremely comfortable for long runs. They are suitable for any outfit and give you confidence and comfort.

Medium coverage panties are ideal for those who want to feel both sexy and comfortable, and instantly improve the appearance of your butt. These medium coverage panties can be worn with any outfit and still add a touch of charm for extra compliment.

Types of fabric:

Hipster pants are available in a variety of fabrics, each with its own set of benefits.

Cotton hipsters for girls are the most popular panties because they are comfortable and breathable. They wick moisture and protect women from yeast infections. Cotton hipsters also help to prevent allergies and relieve odor, itching, and other discomforts.

Lace hipsters are popular among women because they provide comfort while also giving you a sexy appearance. Lace hipsters are a good choice for traveling because they dry quickly. Lace hipster panties come in a variety of styles.

Nylon tends to wick away moisture. Nylon hipster panties easily absorb sweat and provide comfort when sweating from intense workouts or on a hot day. Nylon can sometimes stick to the skin and cause rashes.

Spandex panties are lightweight, soft, and stretchy. And it fits perfectly on your body, giving your outfits a flawless finish.


Experience the ultimate comfort and style with delicate curve-hugging hipster panties. Make a lasting statement that can only have you and your glamour shining through the latest collections of hipster panties. The hip style of panties varies such as low waist, mid, and high waist hipsters with medium coverage and full coverage. You are sure to love the ultra-soft fabric of these comfortable hipster panties as these are designed for a sleek fit that will stay hidden under your clothes all day long. You can pair it with your skirt or another dress.


These hipster panties are the most-loved ones that are naturally sexy and comfy, in silky-soft and stretchy spandex cotton mix fabrics. In massive colors, pretty prints, and the veil of laces, our hipster panty collections ensure your lingerie drawer the best of all. They are designed for party and everyday purposes. It has a demi and full coverage formula. Demi coverage panties are designed for showing a bit of dashing look. There are full coverage panties for full flattening support making you feel relaxed. These panties are highly elastic and smooth, quiet enough to absorb moisture to gift you day-long dryness and comfort while offering full coverage to the butt. Hipster panty is crafted with colorful floral, denim, animal prints, and much more.There are enormous collections of sexy hipster panties that are specially crafted with an elegant touch of lace or with scalloped lace detail along the edge.


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