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Hipster cotton panty/panties - Choose cotton hipster underwear, cotton lace panties, white cotton hipster panties, and more from our online lingerie store. Add an amazing touch to your lingerie wardrobe with our 100% cotton hipster panties and the best cotton hipster panties in India. Find the exclusive collection of white cotton hipster panties, and more here. Buy durable, versatile, and affordable cotton panties that can control moisture, weatherproof, and are hypoallergenic. Buy durable cotton hipster panties and pair them with comfortable cotton bras.

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Women always need to consider the height of comfort involved when buying panties for everyday use. Buying good quality panties is very much important as it covers sensitive parts of the body. Along with comfort, comes style and support. One fabric that solves all these purposes is cotton. It is a magical fabric that womanhood has got from Mother Nature. The fabrication of cotton hipster panties is done with keeping ultimate sophistication in mind. The grace with which a cotton panty slides and sits on the skin without a tiny bit of irritation is a marvel in itself. A breezy collection of everyday cotton hipster panties is available at online lingerie shopping site shyaway.com. The best collection of skin-friendly panties is available at pocket-friendly prices and to top it all, gleaming offers are available on the site.


1. One main problem both married and unmarried women face in today’s scenario is itching in sensitive places. It may be because of many factors such as chemicals in soaps and detergent, sweat accumulation on either side of the thighs and improper panty sizes. Most of the problems could be overcome by wearing the right kind of panty to start with. Cotton panties are breathable and hence sway smoothly on the skin without irritation. They absorb moisture, thus preventing any kind of odour. This nature of cotton helps today’s women from most of the health issues that could be avoided. It is also important to choose the best size when you buy panties online in India.

2. Cotton hipster panties are available on shyaway.com in two different styles such as casual and printed patterns. Casual hipster panties are mostly light shaded ones and are worn at high-waist. They become the first choice for daily wear usage. In contrast, printed panties come in all colours and prints. Women who prefer to wear something funky can opt for these printed ones. Buy hipster panty online, as it is an alternate for women who feel boy shorts is a bit of extra coverage. Bra panty sets are also available online wherein you can purchase a matching bra to the colour of your panties.

3. Experts suggest that wearing cotton lingerie at night can avoid a lot of health problems. A cotton panty is all it takes for a good night’s sleep. The skin needs to breathe during the night as it is held in tight clothes all day long. Any kind of bacterial and yeast infections due to damp inners could be avoided by switching to cotton panties.

4. A cotton panty could be your best partner for everyday workouts. Wearing a silky or fancy lace panty could be your least preference while at the gym as these fabrics don’t absorb moisture or sweat. Since cotton hipster panties come with full coverage, there is no sense of discomfort during stretching exercises. Complement your cotton panties with a cotton bra or sports bra to make your active workout sessions more comfortable and cheerful. Cotton, being a breathable fabric, keeps the skin dry and clean. Similarly, cotton panties are appropriate for summer seasons when the hot temperature is harsh on your skin. It is also important to change your panties immediately after the workout, as it is easily prone to infection. Beat the heat with Shyaway’s avid collection of cotton panties from various lingerie brands such as Liberti World, Shyle, and Susie.

5. A thong panty is usually low-waist and is worn while sporting a bikini style with tight-fit dresses. But for everyday usage, since most women prefer cotton panties, they come at two different waist-levels. High-waist panties provide more shape and comfort to high-waist bottoms and trousers. It provides more rear support, making it the most-sought-after panty in the lingerie industry. The soft waistband shapes your waist with a sleek and elegant look. The mid-waist panties are best suited for slightly lower waist skirts and shorts.


Cotton, though a great fabric, needs proper care and attention to keep it the way it has to be. Panties need to be handled with utmost care. Harsh bleach could spoil the fabric completely making it unsuitable for usage. Hence, a mild detergent is good enough to remove stains and dirt from your underwear. Pastel colour panties are usually advised to be dried naturally in the sun instead of electronic heaters as this may spoil the colour of the fabric. Considering colours, separate your light coloured lingerie from the dark coloured ones before washing. Dry cleaning your cotton panties is the least option one can think of as it can hardly remove the germs as compared to water. In case, you want to machine-wash your panty due to lack of time for hand-wash, a proper method to do this is by first putting it into a laundry bag and then into the machine. You can buy a laundry bag online at shyaway.com.

A relaxed day is all that a woman seeks and cotton lingerie actually helps them achieve it with optimum comfort.