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Hoisery accessories - It is incredible finding stunning Hosiery Accessories Online in India, and that is now made possible at shyaway. You have gotta-pick-em-off with an exclusive sexy-looking Lace Bra and a Sexy Panty at beguiling range. 


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Are you a lover of minis or short skirts? Gleam your style with a little magic to your bare feet’s. Create an optical illusion in a fashionable sheer laced pantyhose sets. Pantyhose, popularly known as hosiery, legwear, Tights and stockings, are worn directly on legs or feet. This trendy fit has been a part of woman for over 60+ years. Stockings are being used for both comfort and sexy purpose. Acting smooth over skin and keeping thy warm with increasing blood circular is a bonus to these tights. They stay natural in look as woman love moving out in street with it instead of bare legs. A highlight to this styling is that there is no age or size limit for tiring these Hosiery Accessories.    


It is a myth that woman all around the world contour their beauty with the best-of-all. Right from skin care to cosmetics, they check each product to balance and protect their face from the sun rise. It’s not just a deal of protecting your face and leaving your legs tanned. Your legs are also to be taken proper care. The nylon fabricated stockings act as a SPF or sun protector to the skin by maintaining its texture. The main advantage of this type is those women don’t have to go for leggings or pant to cover up their skin from nudity. These pantyhose are dramatically structured by the shyle brand in an intellectual manner. Looking at the outline of this skin-fitter, this tights is well-seamed in all edges shunning partially split offs. This trendy legwear sits high to the waist and covers the Panty worn base with double layerings of fish net. To say about the handloom or manufacturing details of these pantyhose, the virtue of soft fabric and lace fillings with stretchy spandex and nylon runs through the knit. This form-fitting Legwear are mostly machine made, but in cases like embroidery workings and stick-ons, handicraftsmen are used.


This compression stocking or socks wrap your legs giving a well-dressed, professional look. This support hose aren’t just good for gamers or nurses or chef, but also help staffs working in airports and flight attendants. The major summit to these wears is that they avoid leg fatigue and bulges after a long point of work-standing. Woman wearing socks or stockings are sure to know its advantageous purpose.

- These stuffs protect your feet and shoes giving soft feathery feel to legs.

- They’re practically invisible to your every outfit.

- They are royally approved.

- Seduce your style with a sexy Bra and Panty connected with garters to this hosiery.


Apart from a charming output of fashion, this hosiery wear has aisle of beneficiaries that make ladies crazy on it.

  • Wearing stockings will conceal skin from any inadequacies like pimples, varicose veins, rolling fats, unshaven legs, bumps, moles and other personal detailing.
  • This soft mesh-netted legwear smoothes your legs and flattens your skin providing a thinner look.
  • Though climate varies, your lacy pantyhose will keep your warmer and secured from exposed legs.
  • You don’t have to craft your tights with designs, as our collections also include designed accessories.
  • This stocking avoids stinks and moisture.
  • It also supports your leg wrapping in support, especially while standing for a long period of time.
  • Are you going to a professional meeting? Then this enchanting piece will help you stand out in crowd, seizing all eyes on you.
  • It adds a touch of mystery to your special evenings, with a hot lingerie set and some flower to spice the night.

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