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Indian Bra - Indian bra brands are crafted keeping comfort in mind. If looking to buy something practical and luxurious in Bra and Panty Sets, browse through Indian Brands online. 

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Indian bra brands are supposed to pamper you alone

When lingerie first began popping up on the web, many doubted whether people would buy intimate pieces online. But from then to know, the business is still going stronger. There is a huge market for branded lingerie sets in the Indian market. There is something available that suits your personality. So instead of thinking about, why not purchase big brands online. And when I am saying Lingerie, it doesn’t include bra and panty only, even sportswear, Shapewear, and nightwear is also included. Once in a while, you must invest in a few best brands so that your drawer gets filled up with different styles, fabric, and patterns.

5 Best Indian bra brands available online at shyaway

Top bra brands in India: 

1. Jockey – Jockey is a name popular with innerwear suitable across all ages. They have become a high street favorite due to the color they offer in Regular Bra and their online service is just impressive. They deliver quality and comfort products for both men and women and they operate all over the world. Indian women are happy with the quality of fabric they deliver in intimate pieces. They enhance your voguish look.

2. Enamor – The brand Enamor was launched in 2003 and since then they have to build a strong relationship with Indian clients. Just have a look at our website, you will find a wide array of collections of bra in the enamor brand helping you to make a purchase easily. The most moving products from enamor wardrobe include push up bra and Padded Bra. From printed, lace and satin finish, pick up the print you would like to try this summer.

3. Innersense – Innersense is an Indian brand that stylishly offers fresh color combinations. Some of their products are made of organic cotton antimicrobial fiber which will absorb sweat better than the synthetic fabric. For the brand, comfort comes first. Some of their product type loved by women’s includes seamless bra, nursing bra, and t-shirt bra. Some of their bras have prints on their strap which will give a unique look.

4. Sonari – Sonari is a famous Indian lingerie brand that assures providing reliable quality innerwear to women across India. Their cotton bra is available at a pocket-friendly price. If looking to buy a few pieces for daily wear, browse through our website and pick up t-shirts bras of a different color. You will get various patterns of bra within budget so they are the best selling bra brand in the Indian market.

5. Lovable – Lovable brought a change in the way Indian women shopped lingerie. They have become a premium brand and many prefer buying intimate pieces for work and to college. They have few peppy colors and attractive prints making ladies fall in love with them. The elegant feminine collection is designed using rich fabric and smooth molding makes them one of the bestselling brands in India. We have full coverage bra, nursing and seamless bra of the lovable brand in neutral colors. You may buy them from our website at an affordable price.

Let these Indian brands be your closets companion

Some popular Indian bra brand has brought a remarkable change in the lives of women in India. Feel yourself comfortable wearing a premium quality bra from our collection. Our website offers intimate pieces of popular Indian bra brands in different colors and types to flaunt your curves. Each brand has a different style, pattern, and design. It is good to try out different styles of branded undies so that you would be able to know which style will give you the right fit. Everything is available in sizes so invest in few pieces from shyaway at the earliest. 

Indian Bra FAQ's - 

1. What are the different types of bra available in India?

Types Of bra In India : 

• Everyday Bra
• Front Open Bra
• Tube Bra
• Sports Bra
• Strapless Bra
• Nursing Bra
• T-shirt Bra
• Push-Up Bra
• Bridal Bra
• Beginners Bra
• Moulded Bra
• Bralette Bra
• Cami Bra
• Full Coverage Bra
• Demi Coverage Bra
• Padded Bra
• Unpadded Bra
• Wirefree Bra
• Underwired Bra
• Seamed Bra
• Seamless Bra
• Cotton Bra
• Stick-On Bra
• Lace Bra
• Printed Bra
• Plus Size Bra
• Sexy Bra
• Cage Bra
• Transparent Bra

2. Why most Indian women wear white bras?

Most Indian women believe that white bras will go with dresses of any color. Women who don’t give importance to lingerie look for cost-effective ways to buy their panties and bras. They choose white bras by default as they believe that white bra will not be visible through their dresses. Rather it is always better to choose the bras of different colors to wear according to the outfits. Shop For Indian white bra Now.

3. Why do Indian women hate the concept of wearing a bra?

The women who hate the concept of wearing a bra don’t wear a bra of proper size. Wearing the correct size bra will be supporting the bust rather than causing discomfort. A loose bra will make the band ride up at the back and can cause sagging of breasts. Wearing a tight bra can cause pain. The negative effects of wearing an ill-fitting bra have made most of the Indian women hate wearing a bra.

4. Which type of bra do Indian girls prefer the most and why?

Indian girls prefer T-shirt bras the most, and here is why. T shirt bras have moulded cups with padded and are seamless. Wear a T-shirt bra under any Indian ethnic apparel such as kurtas, tunics, t-shirts and clingy body-hugging tops as it gives a smooth look. T-shirt bras come in various styles like plunge bras, demi bras, full coverage and in various trendy prints.