Sports Jackets for Women

Sports Jackets for Women: Would you like to exercise in style? You can find attractive sports jackets for womens at Shyaway that leave you looking fashionable during your gym hours while making sure they work as expected. Made out of breathable materials, the collection of trendy designs which are good for both going to the gym and other outdoor activities. Shyaway’s sport jackets are created to improve your training experience by bringing both comfort and beauty to your entire structure. Get modern sportswear from our latest collection to refresh your workout schedule. Give your best in every training session by adding some stylish and comfortable for Sportswear from Shyaway.  

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  1. Shyle Mary Rose Full Sleeve Finger Keyhole High Neck Jacket
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  2. Shyle Black Beauty Front Zipper Pocket Hooded Jacket
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  3. Shyle Monument Grey Front Zipper Fitted High Neck Jacket
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  4. United Classic Pink Blue Tropical Print Workout Jacket
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  5. Shyle Black Full Sleeve Finger Keyhole High Neck Jacket
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  6. Shyle Grey Melange Front Zipper Pocket Hooded Jacket
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  7. Shyle Mauveglow Front Zipper Fitted High Neck Jacket
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  8. United Classic Violet Abstract Print Workout Jacket
    4.6 (162)
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  9. Shyle Delicate Blue Full Sleeve Finger Keyhole High Neck Jacket
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  10. Shyle Violet Front Zipper Fitted High Neck Jacket
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  11. United Classic Black Blue Abstract Print Workout Jacket
    4.7 (160)
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  12. Shyle Pale Rosette Zipper Pocket Hooded Jacket
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  13. Shyle Azurine Blue Front Zipper Fitted High Neck Jacket
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  14. Shyle Lilac Full Sleeve Finger Keyhole High Neck Jacket
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  15. United Classic Purple White Abstract Print Workout Jacket
    4.7 (198)
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  16. United Classic Grey Tropical Print Workout Jacket
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  17. Van Heusen Black Antiviral Full Zip Hoodie Jacket
  18. Van Heusen Navy Blue Slim Fit Gym Hoodie Jacket
  19. Van Heusen Pink Blush Antiviral Full Zip Hoodie Jacket
  20. Van Heusen Maroon Purple Slim Fit Gym Hoodie Jacket
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Welcome to Shyaway, where fashion meets functionality in our exclusive range of Sports Jackets for Women. Crafted with the modern woman in mind, our Jackets Sportswear seamlessly combines comfort, style, and performance. Designed to up your active lifestyle, each piece is meticulously crafted using premium material to ensure durability and functionality.

Find the Perfect Sports Jackets for Women: 

  • Looking for the perfect sports jacket that is stylish, comfortable, and functional? Look no further! Our line of sports jackets for women is designed to fill all of your requirements, be it hitting the gym, running through the park, or spending a relaxed day at home. Let us find out why our sports jackets are a must-have for every active woman.

Versatile and Stylish Women's Sports Jackets

  • Our Sports jackets come in a variety of fabrics, such as Cotton Spandex, Polyester Spandex, and Nylon Spandex. These Spandex and other materials not only make our jackets comfortable, but also durable and stretchable. This way, we achieve the perfect fit and flexibility, no matter the activity.

Key Benefits of Our Sports Jackets:

Waterproof Sports Jacket for Women:

Stay dry and comfy with our waterproof sports jackets—ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities that ensure the rain does not get in your way as you go about your life.

Women's Hooded Sports Jacket:

Our women's sports jackets with hoods offer an extra edge for protection against strong winds, and the torrential rain calls for more. The hoods are adjustable so you can get as much snug fit as you require; thus, they keep you warm and dry during the workouts or casual walks.

Lightweight Sports Jacket for Women:

Our lightweight sports jackets are designed for maximum comfort and for layering. They provide breathability, hence suitable for both warm and cool weather.

Casual Women's Sports Jacket:

Whether you run errands or hang out with friends, our casual sports jackets ooze sporty elegance into your everyday look. Pair them with jeans or leggings for a chic, comfortable ensemble.

The Different Purposes of Our Sports Jackets

  • Fitness and Training

Our sports jackets are ideal for workout sessions in the gym and outdoor training. Breathable fabric and an ergonomic design mean you feel comfortable yet remain focused on your fitness goals.

  • Outdoor Activities

Whether it's hiking, running, or cycling, our sports jackets provide the protection and flexibility you need. Waterproof and hooded options are particularly great for unpredictable weather.

  • Casual Wear

Need something stylish to pull off on casual days? Our casual sports jacket range is the perfect piece to add a sporty touch to your everyday ensembles. It transitions perfectly from a workout session to a coffee date.

Why Our Sports Jackets?

  • High-Quality Fabrics

Cotton Spandex, Polyester Spandex, and Nylon Spandex for maximum comfort and durability.

  • Trendy Designs

Our sports jackets come in different designs—sleek and minimalist, bold and vibrant—to meet your personalized style.

  • Functional Features

Waterproof material, adjustable hoods, and light designs make our jackets practical for all your activities.

  • Perfect Fit

Blended with spandex, the jacket is snug yet flexible for a perfect fit without any restriction in your movements during your activities.

Types of Sports Jackets for Women

Gym Jackets

Most women wear gym jackets before they start working out, as gym jackets are lightweight and breathable. These trendy jackets for women are fabricated with nylon spandex and have a mechanism through the clothes that allow airflow, which further results in more breathability and less sweat during the workouts. This helps to regulate the body temperature and keep it cool during intense workouts. The warm jackets for women also make your body warmer and have moisture-wicking capacity. You can pick a gym jacket for summer as seasonal wear. There is also an upper jacket for gym and short jackets for women. These women's cool jackets are flexible and give a refreshing look. To learn more about cute jackets for women, browse light weight jackets for women.

Track Jackets

Inspired by athletic tracksuits, the track jackets have a retro design. They are fit for a moderate level of activity and can be donned for casual wear.

Shell Jackets

Softshell jackets are made of polyester, nylon, or a blend of both. They are breathable and provide excellent stretchiness and durability. Ideal for winter or cold climates, they are good for high-intensity activities since they will offer comfort and protection.

Contrastingly, hard shell jackets are not that breathable but are perfect for outdoor pursuits. These jackets are perfect for low-intensity activities and harsh weather conditions like storms, heavy rain, snow, and strong winds.

Insulated Jackets

These jackets have added warmth through synthetic insulation or down; they are fit for cold-weather sports like skiing, snowboarding, and mountaineering.

Rain Jackets

Designed to keep the wearer dry during wet conditions, rain jackets are often made from waterproof or water-resistant materials with sealed seams.

Long Jackets

Long jackets are both functional and fashionable, making these the best choice for gym wear. These jackets have a sleek and sporty look that can help you retain the body heat during workout sessions, ensuring muscle warmth and gradual cooling. These jackets are best for outdoor exercises or weightlifting at the gym. Match them with your chosen sports bra to make up a complete outfit.

Design and Style

Shyaway has a wide range of different designs and styles to suit each individual preference and activity. You can choose between tight and minimalist styles and bold and loud patterns. It comes in a silhouette that flatters the body and caters to the female form from fitted to loose.

The zip-up closure in the front is pretty much common. This makes taking off and putting on the jacket super quick. The stand-up collar and adjustable hood may have wind-resistant properties for added protection. It may even be water-resistant. Certain options have 3M reflectivity that offers higher visibility in low-light settings. You would be able to run or cycle outdoors without any fear of getting hit by any vehicle in the dark.

Style takes a new definition here. Whether light sports jackets to keep you feeling snug or a fleece jacket to make you feel cozy and cheerful, we have everything in store. Vibrant colors, chic styles, and flattering silhouettes upgrade your look for sure.


Shyaway sports jackets for women are made to work in different weather conditions.

Many Shyaway sports jackets have pockets so that the wearer can keep essentials like house keys, credit cards, or a small-sized electronic gadget safely stored and easily accessible.

Breathable mesh panels or ventilation zones can be part of the garment. This will be placed strategically to boost breathability and thermo-regulate the wearer during the workouts. Some jackets may come with adjustable cuffs or hems for a customizable fit, allowing wearers to lock in body heat or adjust ventilation according to their needs.


An array of women's sports jackets that are varied to suit different sports and activities is available on Shyaway. If you intend to have a lightweight windbreaker for jogging, a waterproof sports jacket for a few adventurous activities, or a stylish track jacket for some casual wear, Shyaway is sure to have one that matches your needs.

Every active woman should have a high-quality sports jacket. Whether you need something to protect you from the elements or a stylish addition to a casual outfit, our range of sports jackets is just what you're after. Browse our collection today and find the ideal sports jacket that meets all your needs.

Elevate your activewear look with our versatile and stylish collection of women's sports jackets. Shop now and experience the perfect blend of comfort, protection, and style!

At Shyaway, we believe that every woman deserves to be confident and empowered when she is on the go. That's why our sportswear jacket for women is designed not only to perform but to make a statement. Embrace your active lifestyle in style with our wide collection of women's jackets and sportswear.

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