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Women living in fashion parade always prefer the best in all their collections, whether be it their dressing or any other products. They are choosier when it comes to lingerie, they are wide curious in selecting the best from all. Shyaway, the only one stop online destination for woman, brings you the best from all sources right from women’s lingerie to hosiery. Mothers, who are distracted in choosing the best nursing bra to wear while feeding their baby, can find their perfect bra in shyaway store. One of the best-known brands is Laavian for their exclusive collection of bras to make you feel the comfort and bring out the best in your stature. Laavian nursing bra is the perfect brand for maternity purpose.


Pamper yourself with the finest quality feeding bra that will embrace your body with tender and care. They are crafted in soft luxurious cotton and spandex fabric that enables your skin to breathe and gives a great flexibility. Additionally, there are several rows of hooks at the back, which makes the bra easily adjustable. It is designed to accommodate your breasts’ changes in size comfortably. It maintains and minimizes the effect of gravity in long run. Soft and adjustable straps rest comfortably on shoulders and leave no marks on the skin. Adjusting straps gives different level of bounce control and provides a perfect fitting. Especially with nursing bras that are made of fabrics that include spandex, you will never feel unnatural by wearing this good nursing bra. Laavian bras come in full coverage, so that you don’t have to show off your curves and cleavage. It gives complete support, excellent fitting and is ideal for figure hugging clothes. The open and close of flaps in a nursing bra is important. The front flap on many nursing bras fastens at the top, near the shoulder strap. Laavian nursing-bra has flaps open and close between the cups.

In laavian nursing bra, cups are seamless, wirefree and unpadded giving you a soft feathery touch to your skin and make you feel comfy. There also nursing bras with cups lightly padded giving your bust a slight uplift and cups seamed leave your bust in under coverage. It is specially designed as an everyday bra providing you with maximum comfort. There are actually many designs and colours available for nursing bras – no need for drab, boring ones. Pick your favourite colours that make your day splashy from shyaway.


Shyaway offers huge collections of Laavian bra online such as nursing bra, sports bra, t-shirt bra, strapless bra, beginner’s bra and moulded bra that comes in sophisticated styles and attractive colours. Its perfect fabric will wrap you in amazing comfort and fill you with confidence every single day. Women are always struggling to locate a suitable bra that fits them perfectly as their size varies when they reach the maternity stage. So, you can use the bra size calculator to measure your band and cup size for getting the right bra from our shyaway store. By purchasing bras with us, you will save time and at the same time acquire quality bras at an affordable price.