Ladies Bra Panty Set

ladies bra panty set - Seize the night by donning our winsome Bras and Panties. Personalize your lounge style with our lace lingerie sets by Shyle. 

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If only, people grasped what Lingerie really means, our women will start feeling better about themselves and looking great too. Lingerie was introduced first by women to present themselves better, more elegantly and as more feminine. Although that has been revised due to the powerful voices of our feminists, lingerie is still the byword for luxury, seduction and charm. It is an expression of yourself, you can choose to be sexy or you can choose to be elegant and poise. But wearing beautiful lingerie is a way to unveil your vulnerablities, sensibilities and much more. It is highly personal. It is not an essential but many women today are making a choice to experiment. Wearing an enchating pair of matching bra and panty can make you more confident, it will help you see yourself better and you begin to appreciate your body. If there is one thing about a lingerie set that women love, it has to be the comfort that comes along with exquisite taste. The matching pieces gives you a security you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Every piece makes you feel like it was made for you. The specific colours used are thoughtfully selected. The most commonly used ones are black, white, ivory, maroon, emerald green and powder blue.

Bridal Lingerie is making a surge in our markets, people are seeking perfection in every possible way and in every possible thing on their wedding, right from the location, the decor, the food, the clothes, and even their undergarments. We have come such a long way because earlier people never spoke about what lingerie they are going to be wearing underneath their beguiling dresses. Undergarments are not to be sidelined, it is paramount to lay the right foundation for your wedding outfit. Bridal lingerie includes a Fancy Bra and panty, crafted with lace, or other embellishments.

Lace : Lace lingerie is different from lace over lay undergarments. Lace is not a type of fabric, it is a pattern or a treatment on a fabric. It can be made out of cotton, nylon or other synthetic fibers. There are different types of lace; in each type the method in which it is created differs or the pattern of design itself differs. Original handmade lace is still expensive, but today due to its exigency lace is machine made with synthetic fibers. When a bra or panty is purely made of lace it is light-weight, delicate and is see-through. The transparency is what adds an element of fun and seduction to it. Lace is meant to be a little loose and not figure hugging. But in a lace overlay undergarment, the lace is stitiched onto an other fabric as a foundation. Overlay lace lingerie is not see-through but it manipulated to look like that.

Some of the primary items that comes under bridal and honeymoon lingerie are

  1. Thongs, G-strings
  2. Plunging necklines
  3. Pushup bras

Why is sex appeal the centre focus in lingerie?

Well, this is how the world has labelled it, because for the longest time women dressed or were made to dress for men. Going by the societal norm, a woman had to dress well for her man. But you can change it, sex appeal is not always for another person just like beauty isn’t. You can want to look sexy for yourself. Before trying to impress or seduce someone, we recommend that you completely fall for yourself, ahead of letting someone else’s passion consume you.