Ladies Workwear Bra

Ladies workwear bra - Monday have just arrived, you just need an ideal work-wear bra for your office dress codes and shyaway has bought you amazing assortments of soft fabricated T-Shirt Bras and blushing Padded Underwired Bra to style up beguilingly.  

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  1. Susie Skylight Non Padded Everyday Side Support Bra
    4.9 (20)
  2. Taabu Pastel Lilac Abstract Print Padded Wirefree T shirt Bra
    4.7 (164)
  3. Susie Skin Satin Neck Cotton Padded Everyday Bra
    4.6 (180)
  4. Taabu Candy Pink Floral Printed Padded Wirefree T shirt Bra
    4.8 (170)
  5. Susie Stormfront Grey Mesh Neckline Non Padded Everyday Bra
    4.5 (133)
  6. Taabu Bay Green Lace Strap Padded Wirefree T shirt Bra
    4.6 (214)
  7. Taabu Mary Rose Polka Print Padded Wirefree T shirt Bra
    3.9 (162)
  8. Susie Double Cream Skin Wirefree Moulded Full Coverage Bra
    4.6 (129)
  9. Taabu Fiery Red Flower Print Padded Wirefree T shirt Bra
    4.5 (166)
  10. Susie Fiery Red Wirefree M Frame Hi Support Minimiser Bra
    4.9 (43)
  11. Taabu Salmon Peach Padded Wirefree Striped Cotton Bra
    4.4 (194)
  12. Susie Red Satin Neck Cotton Padded Everyday Bra
    4.8 (32)
  13. Susie Mary Rose Wirefree Full Coverage No Sag M Frame Bra
    4.1 (40)
  14. Taabu Pale Pink Heart Print Padded Wirefree T shirt Bra
    4.8 (161)
  15. Taabu Ocean View Blue Lace Strap Padded Wirefree T shirt Bra
    4.9 (209)
  16. Susie White Wirefree Seamed Everyday Bra
    4.2 (42)
  17. Susie Black Beauty Satin Neck Cotton Padded Everyday Bra
    4.7 (186)


There are billions of women going to office nowadays. Woman working hard for hours in office do deserve the right Lingerie to make them comfortable and breathable the whole day. It is known to us that wearing the apt bra to office provide all-day comfort, lift and support in maintain the silhouette in your formal codes. One should always keep in mind that she ever-present the risk of dress-code violating bra faux pas. So it is important to get the perfect fitting dailywear brassiere for the best stage attitude presentation.


Go invisible and brightly styled in colorful foundation garments for the peppy look. While wearing formal form-fitting clothes, an Underwired Bra is an ideal option. Professional ladies hanging on with meeting love shaping them with this moulded style bras. The soft bands provide the perfect silhouette with enhancement. This Type of Bra has lined cut-piece cup forming the seaming and padding offering enviable comfort and support to side armpit areas and lower bust. The soft cups feature shape even uneven busted one with smooth fabric touch leaving invisible look beneath office wears. If you wear the good underwired, then you don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day, in adjusting the band and cups. Good coverage is gained through this soft cup wired bra making you feel good from inside. It is also advisable, not to wear underwired ones as your daily intimates, that make lead to healthy issues.


You might have might kinds of attires, dress with prints and frills on satin base need a seamless everyday bra that comes with soft padding functionality giving ultimate charm and cozy. The lined cups are beautifully moulded with wirefree access naming it to be the best of all collection. This seamless bra type won’t show through clothes. It is designed specially leaving the owner feeling comfortable like nothing at all. The snug fit keeps your body warm and comfy under hot or cool office temperature. Not only looking at the comfy zone but also the enthralling glimpsing zone, this Dailywear Bra is embellished in multi colorings and patterns suiting your every wardrobe garments. Right from nude neutral color to enchanting yet sexy red bra, all are available in our shyaway online store.


Not all offices are alike in rules and dress codes. In some office ladies wear kurtis and trendy T-shirts with jeans making them casual in styling. For such stylish attires, a Padded T-Shirt Bra is much preferred in choice. This pretty shaded T bra is attractive in glance and comfort, explained to benefit the souls of many. Light padding and level padding are optional with wirefree or underwired facility. The cups hold the bust in rest providing comfort enviably with cotton tap of fabric leaving the day fresh and sweat free. To talk about the prints, words are not enough, we recommend just explore some and try them, best in look and result.