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We always look out for the #trending looks and we are so inclined to buy them even if it doesn’t match our taste. Especially with the thriving social media, it has become extremely simple to spot trends and also extremely hard to ignore them. Shopping for trends only brings a short-lived satisfaction, because many of the trending items don’t go well on most of us.

However, when it comes to Lingerie, like Bras and Panties, there are no trends as such but every latest style or type of Bra has a brand new purpose to fulfil or a specific audience to capture. For example, the corset was and is still a legendary item in the lingerie world, but it was made for curvy women and will serve only them the purpose for which it was created. The corset on a slender or skinny figure would make no difference to them. Likewise there are several latest inventions in bras we would like to tell you about.

1. Racer-back Bras

This Racer-back Bra has its straps turned inwards at the back. This creates two arcs instead of two straight lines. The amazing racer-back negates all chances of your bra straps slipping off your shoulders and also from peeking out. It will be a great choice for backless tops and spaghettis. Racer-back bras also give you more support than a regular bra. This is definitely a wardrobe must-have if you are struglling with adjusting and fidgetting your bra straps all day! It comes with a combination of styles like Racer-back pushup bra, Racer-back T-shirt bra etc.

2. Bralettes

Bralettes are a beautiful addition to the bra collection. The bralette is an unstructed or non-constructed version of a bra. There are very delicate, thinly padded or non-padding and has fragile straps. The bralettes can definitely be ditched for bras in this summer. They are super stylish and very versatile. Most often made of lace, these bralettes are best suited for small chested women. They make it to every celebrity’s airport look and doesn’t fail to rock it. The fuss free bralette make excellent and elegant topwear too!

3. Front-open bras

Life is a bra is not as glamorous as it looks and the struggle is real for every woman; from buying it to wearing it and counting down to when we can take it off. Buy our amazing front open bras that have no hook & eye patches at the rear but closes in the front right at the right. Now you no longer have to twist and turn it, which causes skin irritation or band loosening. Wearing a bra has never been this easy, it saves your time and energy.

4. Moulded cups

Although this is not a very recent creation, only now it is ruling the market.People now tend to understand what a moulded bra is used for and associate with its many specs. Moulded cups are made from heating the cups on a mould so that they retain their shape. These are very similar to padded bras but are starkly different. In a padded bra, the pads are stitched along with the cups but in moulded bras the they are moulded and become a part of the cup; they are no longer two separate parts of a bra. The moulded cups make your boobs rounder and in better shape. These are best for T-shirts and other thin materials.

5. Cami bras

The Cami Bra is an evolved Camisole. These come with removable padding and are made of supremely soft and comfy material. Cami bras are thoughtfully crafted in neutral colours like nude, white and black. They even have incredibly vougish strappy backs, so you can pair them with backless tops or even wear the cami bra as outwear. The options are limitless so this season take the limits off and rock your look.

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