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Lingerie & bra - Be the Miss.Fit wearing the right Lingerie bra for your casual styled tank top from shyaway store. Shop your favourite shaded Hipster Panty in match to your brassiere.  

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Woman in beauty leaps to the world wearing stylish lingerie for her outfit compensating the fashion in a fascinating manner. When she sets her body with the right lingerie Bra set, she leads the day fruitfully. As said only the ideal underwear can set smile on the face. While choosing the lingerie, it is essential to take on the styles and types of it for the adorning charm.

While talking about lingerie, the great saying of Dita Von Teese comes to my mind, “Lingerie is not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood.”

For every lady, her lingerie becomes her secret decoration for her bodyline. There are many benefits of wearing the right lingerie such as, improving your physic, boost up your confidence mentally, physically and sexually, it contributes good health, makes your aspects life easier, the main is that quality of Bra or Panty rewards you.

Back at 1914, was the first brassiere came up with the highlight to the street dancers and film industry actress. They seem fashionable but uncomfortable with corsets and hosieries linked with them. Though it seems callous to skin, they were mainly adored by many women to seduce their BF’s. Some even like to go braless as a symbol of freedom and comfy. But nowadays, trends keep changing, bra are formulated giving first preference to comfort covering zones and next the style fiesta in an enchanting manner. While shopping the best lingerie bras online in India, comes to you, bring the finest quality bra and panty sets at affordable price. The assortments are limitless in choice of style, color, types and design making you feel completely comfortable and sexy.


It is fact that many women don’t find their bras comfortable because they often wear a wrong sized or ill-fitting bra. Shyaway guides you with a Bra Size Calculator that can measure up your band and bust cup size. All you need to do is spend few minutes with a tape in your hands. Measure your band and bust size in inches or cm, put them in the calculator and get your accurate size. By doing this, you will be satisfied in getting your favourite styled bra in precise size. Truly to say, all women are not unique. They have varying body size, bust size and face beauty while choosing the best fitting bra. Woman with petite boobs, love to go for a Push Up Bra, as they have wide paddings, giving the bust greater uplift in an enviable way. The fabric of this stylish bra is usually soft and silky with polyamide and spandex for the ultimate sophistication. The support offered by this bra is actually quite welcome as the straps are stretchy with detachable functionalities making you wear them in a criss-cross or strapless manner. Likewise woman with large bust love going for a fashionable full coverage bra that provides both comfort and style in a desirable way. As said before, bras are incredibly empowering and sexy when a little lace and designs of texture is been added. In our store you will find enormous collections of enchanting and tempting online bras that are specially made just for you.


There are varies types of bra that suit every occasions. For the active life style of ladies, a sports bra with cotton panties are great choice as they can lessen discomfort while intensive workouts or activities. These stunning racerback styling bras in our store are too modish created from our own access brand shyle with high qualified and test proven fabric. This bra is built in with support levels and removable pads giving greater comfort and support. There are slip on style and front open access bra style making you wear and remove them easily. Anti-sweat technology is the highlighting advancement in this activewear. Go in style and blush in comfort range.


It’s not over yet! Hey viewers! You will also find alluring selections of lace embellished bridal bra, Bralette, lace camisole and cotton gaining cotton bra, everyday bra, T-shirt bras and lovely nightwears under best offers and deals making the customers feel exotic and delightful. Enjoy shopping at shyaway!