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Lingerie set - Luminous lingerie sets that are inspiring and evoking in every possible way, feel  elegance and royalty like never before in our lace overall Bras and panties.

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Q1. What is a lingerie set?

A. The market for Lingerie dates back to the 1800’s. They are items of luxury, generally crafted with lace. Lingerie is said to be sensational, sophisticated and elegant. The term lingerie also the byword for femininity. A lingerie set consists of a Bra with a matching panty; matching in colour, print and fabric. A lingerie set can also be a nightwear or a loungewear set which will have a babydoll robe, a string bra and a Thong. The bras come demi-coverage and balcony cups. At Shyaway, we have bridal lingerie sets exclusively for brides to wear on their special occasion.

Q2.  How do I get the right size ?

A. Buying a lingerie set online is not as hard as it sounds, but you just need to be extra careful about your measurements. One panty size may be common and fit different bra sizes and underwear sizes are less complicated than bra sizes. However, please do measure both your bra size and hip size, and make sure the measurements match the sets. Give more importance to the bra size and measure yourself accurately. But if you have a heavier or curvier bottom than top then you may need the next size in panty and vice versa, in that case our pre-devised sets may not fit you. The sizes are devised based on approximate values, nevertheless it has proven to fit most women. Since the set contains an underwear, it is a non-returnable item.

Q3. Can I customize my lingerie set?

A. Yes, you can most definitely customize your lingerie set from our range of everyday bras, pushup bras, racer back bras are more with any of our Panties. But please mind that the offer will not be applicable when you customize your bra and panty sets. Also you cannot mix and match between two sets, for example: You cannot buy a bra from Susie lingerie set and a panty from Shyle lingerie set. Unfortunately you cannot customize based on sizes.

Q4. Who can wear a lingerie set?

A. From young adults in their mid-twenties to adults in their fourties and fifties can don our lingerie sets. However, it is more of a personal perference and whoever finds their fit can buy. Our sizes start for these sets start from 32B for bras with a ‘S’ for panties. The panty sizes are common for two or more bra sizes. Our lingerie sets are ideal for special occasions like anniversaries, honeymoon or vacations.

Q5. Can I put my lingerie set in the washing machine?

A. Unlike your regular undergarments, lingerie is a little different worn for specific reasons, and there always are special to you. In this case, you want it to last longer. Some fabrics demand addtional care, like the lace and mesh ones. They are intricate and delicate so throwing them in the washing machine will only ruin it. If your bra is a pushup or padded bra, please hand-wash it so that it retains its shape. The panties are also thongs or are transparent ones, it will easily tear if you do not handle with care.

Q6. Is lingerie set available in cotton material?

A. Yes, Shyaway has lingerie sets made of 100% cotton fabric. This is to ensure we cater to all the women who experience different weathers. Cotton absorbs moisture well and is extremely breatheble and hygienic. There are demi-coverage bras and high-waist hipster panties from our home brand Susie available in cotton. Watch the space for more such products to hit our store.