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Exploring beauty in a dramatic manner is prudential for a woman to Walk-in Street confidently on her style. It’s indeed essential to talk about lingerie when fashionable outfits enter our life stylings. Lingeries are the basic clothing every woman must-have in her wardrobe. Comfort and style are pictured on her outer smile when the inner fit is support and feathery. While shopping online lingeries in India, shyaway is notable for every young or elderly soul as we provide the customers with the best-qualified products that provide comfy with maiden beauty in a fashionable way. brings you with the stylish lingerie collections of bra, panty, nightwears, sexy babydolls, Shapewears and other hosieries at a very reasonable price that will bundle up your wallet with happiness and peace. You will find limitless collections of lingeries in vivid hues and patterns from well-known brands like shyle, lovable, cross and pearl, Susie, laavian, jockey, sonari and many more.


Lingerie is what brings a smile to every woman as the main pillar of comfort stays within her undergarment. It is vital to maintaining the basic needs in a satisfying manner. Bra is all woman wear in common; it is adorned with comfy and styling in an enviable factor of stance. The bra of all sorts and types are available in lively colourings on the shyaway store. It’s no doubt for girls entering the puberty stage can get on with a soft comfortable Beginners bra that provides the beginner stage of support to the teenagers bust. This type of bra is tuned giving a promo just like you of wear a Camisole. This bra gives you the exact style with the cosy that you get while wearing a sports bra. Teenagers can go with this bra for a spirited workout or exercise activities. Many brands come forth to indulge your fashion in a glowy way with cute colourings and floral patterns. This type of bra has a slip-on style of bra removal, just like a Sports bra.


Make a flamboyant amend your lingerie wardrobe with the fine collections of T-shirt bra for an alluring beauty. This bra is best suited for your daily fashion. The bra is made of soft cotton and spandex giving you comfort with a stretchy feel. Wide up your moments with this bra as it is crafted with beautiful patterns and subtle prints giving the wearer a flourishing texture of adorning charm. The cups are lightly, unpadded and padded giving the choice of cosiness. Lightly padded bra gives you the enviable relief you expected than a regular bra. It supports the bust from high impacts, sudden incidents, etc. Unpadded cups are regular bra type but are seamed well giving enough bust support and avoids spillage. Padded cups are usually used for small busted women, as it the levels of padding uplifts the bust giving a chic showy glimpse. There are levels of padding that goes till level 3. This padding is best seen in Pushup bra giving enchanting outlook while you wear fashionable, sexy outfits. When we look at the coverage of the lingerie, there are demi coverage, full coverage and no coverage, fulfilling your passion with the enticing picks from the shyaway store.


Lingerie is your entire well-being beauty quotient. A stylish panty brings you the smooth leaving no marks on the skin. Cotton panty is a highly preferred one that is hygienic giving comfy with fashion in enchanting shades. Soft stretchy waistbands give you a stretchable fit. Wide side wings cover your hip with no cleavage seen.  The special view of panties that, whether it be a Sexy panty or a comfort based panty, the gusset or the crotch area are sewn-in soft cotton, maintaining the hygiene of every woman. The panty is crafted with fine lace and mesh giving you a luxurious glance. Washing sense of a panty is crucial that is hand wash is advisable for a long-lasting beauty with no colour change.


Bride’s pop-up on shyaway for the best deals of Bridal lingerie sets at eye-catching colours like red, black, maroon and in more. You will find your desirable collections at varying sizes.  Lingerie sets include both bra and panty set. This type of lingerie is specially tuned with luxurious lace and stoning giving you a chic stance.  Make your day special and memorable with the best collections of Babydolls on your honeymoons. You will come across limitless selections with lace linings. Babydolls is a type of nightwear that is trimmed with sexiness best suited for special evenings. A matching G-string is provided with the sleepwear giving delight fashion magnificently. Enjoy purchasing in shyaway for the best quality online nightwears like Capri sets, loungewear, Shorts sets, and tank tops and splurge your beauty divergently. Fly in joyful colours! Happy Shopping!