Long Line Bras

Longline bra - Not quite a sports bra, not quite a crop top, longline bra is a clever new creation. Thanks to the extra few inches of material under the band that smoothens the extra muscle around the waist line while supporting your posture. 

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Longline bras are everywhere at the moment. Most bras end right under your bust line but the longline bra extends a bit further till waist. But why should you wear one?

Firstly, they are more supportive and comfortable than any other bra because it has an extra-long band that spreads out the tension under the bust, so that they are not just focused directly under the bust area, as the best support comes from underband of the bra and not from the shoulder straps. It also ensures there is no chance of sneak peek of your under busts. With this feature it is a go-to for your fitness trainings. These longline bras can do wonders for you and make you feel amazing in many ways. Buy Longline bra online from shyaway.com and Feel your absolute best.

The extra piece of fabric around the waist line also smoothens any lumps and bumps underneath the busts which are just great when you are wearing more fitted clothes. The wide straps indeed help you take off pressure from your shoulders.

Types of Longline Bras

With varieties of deep necklines, longline plunge bras are absolutely the best option which is exquisitely designed to show off the cleavage.

If you are wearing a sheer top or a low back neck then lace longline bra is what you need. They are just too cool to hide under your clothes. With the lace embellishments you will feel like the most graceful woman out there with the best bust support ever. You can undoubtedly opt this bra for any occasion.

A black longline bra is one every woman should own in her wardrobe. This bra can make your life a lot easier with any choice of solid color outfits. You can get them practically in any style so that you can go for a structured figure.

Treat your curves with the plus size longline bra that slims the waist line giving you the best frame. If you are fuller at the bust then this plus size bra fits perfectly and stays put.

You definitely have to try these longline bras because the benefits are just enormous. It’s the perfect time to grab the best deals from shyaway as the longline bras are for sale at huge offers. Check them out!