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Loungewear sleepwear - On fall days we search for the comfiest and coziest clothing. Loungewear remains super comfortable and can get our hands on for summer. Pair the outfit with Cotton Bra and Cotton Panty

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Loungewear and how it is different from sleepwear

No one likes to remain in their working clothes for longer time. What everyone want is to remove of their work clothes and slip into something super comfortable. That’s where the loungewear has made entry to our closet. The loungewear and Sleepwear differs from each other. Loungewear looks sophisticated and gives a tailored look. Usually, they are available in grey, dark solids, black and rich color. Among loungewear there are separate clothings available like tees, leggings, tank tops and capris . You can mix match them to be worn as a loungewear. They are available in cotton fabric and sometimes fleece. If you have guests at your home, they can be worn to remain well dressed. Sleepwear is ready for bed pieces and they include Babydoll and chemise. They are available in bold colors and fits generously. The material remains casual and comfy. Our website shyaway.com has huge collection of sleepwear and loungewear. You can choose from a beautiful range of designs from shyaway online.

Style your loungewear to go for an outing with friends

Many women have doubt whether its ok to go out with friends wearing the loungewear. These days you don’t have to think twice, the outfit remains simply comfortable to be worn outside hanging out with your partner or friends. You can style the outfit to get a chic trendy look. Pair them with a Bralette. You can also wear them of same color or design. Loungewear comes in a collection and our website shyaway have few pieces of outfit which can be paired with a pyjama, legging or jeggings. When you are heading out, go with flats or a sporty sneaker.

Be comfy and remain stylish in our loungewear while partying

Knee length sheath dress – A knee-length sheath dress available at our site shyaway online is something you can show off your lingerie. Wear them with a demi coverage bra to make you look sexy.

Short gown – A beautiful short gown can be worn for a date night. You don’t have to wear lingerie if it is slinky and sultry.

Lace short dress - The lace short dress remains captivating. The sheath dress can be worn with a Transparent Bra and its best to be worn outside at your garden for a night party. With heels and blazer, you will look amazing.

Soft loungewear – A soft loungewear will be of soft cotton fabric. If it is off knee length, you may pair them with leggings or jeggings. Wear the outfit with a seamless bra inside.

Printed skater dress – The A-line outfit is narrower at the top and gently flaring towards the bottom. During winter, style the dress with a smart blazer to look smart. Pair them with a push up bra and seamless panty.

Spending a warm evening this summer with few friends, forget about wearing something tight and itchy. We, shyaway shopping store has few collections of cotton loungewear that can be worn to bed also for night party.