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Moulded bra - Get these molded bras for an ultra smooth and sexy look; pamper your curves this season. For similar features and styles try our Seamless Bras and T-Shirt Bras.

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A very many discourses have been made about the momentousness of moulded cups.There is currently an upscale for it in the business.  Despite it, a horde of women find it hard to make out the difference between a moulded and a Padded Bra. We understand it can be quite tricky, this article will help you tell the a moulded cup from a padded one.


As many of us may assume it to be a very recent conception, but the very first time they tried to make a Moulded Bra using the same technique was in 1947 in UK. They used the cold molding method where the foam sheet was heated and kept beneath cold wooden molds. In a Padded Moulded Bra, you can feel the foam lining when you feel it, but in a Non-padded Moulded Bra you cannot. The moulded cups are designed and built in a way that its shape is conserved even when laid flat on a surface. The cups have an inherent shape of their own because the material is heated on a mould to form the shape. The entire Bra is made of one piece of fabric. This method makes the cups completely seamless and smooth. This unique property of the cups makes it suitable for T-shirt bras, Padded bras and Push-Up Bras.


T-shirts are made of very thin material, sometimes they can be see through as well.   Wearing a T-shirt can be very satisfying, comfortable and easy but to look presentable, chic and the rock the look is a whole other deal altogether. Some of them are meant to be loose but they are orginally meant to be fitting (tight) around the bust. This type of material demands the right inner wear. You would definitely not wear a Seamed Bra or a non-padded bra under a tee, maybe you have before but you never felt secure. The fear of your teat showing would make you anxious all day. Here’s a solution.

Get a moulded bra, they will come in handy not only for tees but will generally make you breasts appear in better shape. This is true for for cup sizes D or above, because it also gives a sublte minimizing effect. The bra also contours your breasts and gives an incredibly smooth and even look, there are some seamless bras which have moulded cups and these will be invisible under your clothes.Wearing a T-shirt bra can be very satisfying. The design is simple yet classic in our Shyle molded bras.

Depending on the colours of your tees that is dark or light, choose the colour of the bra also. Try our home-brand Susie’s latest completely seamless moulded bra to rock your street style in a classic Tee and jeans. Knock down any fear or woe about a wardrobe malfunction, feel absolutely confident and supremely dashing.