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Night suit for women - A night suit is fitting but loose, sexy but casual, not sheer but breathable. Such juxtaposition makes the night suit for women a wardrobe must-have!. Explore Shyaway for more nightwear collections

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  20. Shyaway Chocolate Brown Lapel Neck Full Sleeve Pyjama Set

Night Suits for Women 

Night Suits are a subcategory under women’s nightwear and represent a particular style. A night suit for women is mostly two pieces. It is also known as co-ord night suits and nightwear sets.

As the name suggests, night suits were initially designed to be worn during bedtime. But they have become a casual staple in recent decades. Night suits these days also double as loungewear. The comfortable feel a cute, cotton night suit for women provides is loved so much that it is even worn during day times. 

When To Wear Ladies Night Suit

The occasion to wear a cute night suit for women is - anytime! Traveling solo? Pick out a hot night suit for women and pamper yourself a little more. They are the perfect wear for your spontaneous spa sessions. 

Confused about what to wear on your honeymoon? Choose a sexy night suit with fabrics like silk, laces, and satin. These skin-hugging fabrics provide the extra oomph, making it ‘the’ sexy night suit for women!

At home and planning a movie night/ watch party? Pick out a satin night suit for women to amp up your selfie game. Satin adds a luxurious yet comfy touch to your nightwear. It also looks great in pictures.

Last, but not least, staying home by yourself and planning on doing nothing? A cotton night suit for ladies is the perfect addition to your day! If it is too cold outside, then go for a night suit for women, for winters.  

Why Night Suits 

There are many occasions to wear night suits (as mentioned above). Reasons to choose wearing night suits can be summed up in one word - Comfort. The design of night suits is so comfortable to wear! A night suit for women is form-fitting yet loose, it’s sexy yet casual, and it’s not see-through yet breathable.  Such juxtaposition makes the night suit for women a wardrobe must-have!


Since night suits are co-ords/two-piece clothes, their designs are multiple. The tops and bottoms in night suits for women have numerous varieties. This gives us the option of mixing and matching. Some of the most common night suit designs are the following,



These are night suits for women with shorts. Designed to be worn together with a night suit for ladies with long top , these are usually in soothing colors and made of comfortable fabrics. They are apt for summer, bedtime, and beach vacations.


¾th pants that are trouser-like, but not as long, are called capris. With their below-the-knee coverage, a capris night suit can also double as loungewear. Be it a small run to the grocery store or a post-dinner walk - a capris-length night suit would be elegant and comfy! 


Joggers are similar to sweatpants, with elastic at their waist and ankles to keep them in place. It gives a secure feel and also doubles as loungewear. It is one of the trendiest night suit bottoms and can be paired with a crop tee.


The most well-known night dress for women are pajamas. Pajama cotton night suit for ladies are often loose-fitting and come in a wide range of colors and fabrics. Known for their angle length, loose pants - pajamas are the best winter night suit for women. 



They are the best for summer and beach vacations. A spaghetti top can be paired with the shorts night suit for women. It gives your night suit a sexy and casual vibe.


These tops provide medium coverage and maximum comfort to the wearer. They would look great when paired with shorts, capris, and pajama pants.

Full Sleeve 

If your air conditioning is on full blast through the night, or it's winter time - full sleeve night suit for women, to the rescue! Ideally, a full sleeve would look its part when paired with pajamas.  They are the perfect winter night suit for women.

Other Features


Night suits come in a variety of fabrics. Choosing the right fabric for your comfort is important. If you are living in tropical weather conditions, cotton night suit for ladies, and cotton spandex would be the best fabrics to choose from. For example, night suit shorts for women that are made out of cotton provide breathability and sweat absorption. 


Night suits are chosen by women for their comfort. Therefore, appearance takes a back seat. Embellishments like stones, buttons, laces, and bows aren’t much preferred. The basic qualification for a night suit is that it should be comfortable to sleep in. Embellishments tend to provide discomfort when laying in bed. If all this is too confusing, just buy night suit for women that is plain.


The wearability of your night suit must be hassle-free. Getting up for bathroom breaks in the middle of sleep should not be an arduous task. Elastic waist bands in bottoms solve this problem. As for the tops, slip-on tops like crop tees, and t-shirts are preferable.   

Velvet Night Suit For Ladies

Velvet is made of polyester and is ideal for wearing to bed on cold winter days.

Shopping - Online Guide

Comfort comes first when choosing your night suits. And this comfort varies from person to person. Temperature and weather also play a role in which type of closure one would prefer. 

Winter Night suit for Women 

An ideal warm winter night suit for ladies would be full sleeves and pajamas. Woolen night suits for ladies give more protection in the winter season.

Summer Ladies night suit

An ideal summer night suit for women would be one with buttons and lapel necks. A buttoned-down night suit top will provide more ventilation. 

There are a few common characteristics like relaxing fits, comfy fabrics, and eye-pleasing colors that are common to all the night suits for women. Shyaway has one of the best night suits for womens online India.

Night Suit FAQ