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No sagging bra - Choose the bra from our no-sagging bra collection of demi cup bra, balconette bra, nursing bra. Gives sagging breasts maximum support and lift.

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What is breast sagging?

Breast sagging is the loss of some degree of firmness, shape and elasticity of the breast tissue due to various causes. It is a myth that only women with larger bosom have breast sagging issue. Women with small breasts also face this issue at some point in their lives.

What causes breast sagging?

There are various reasons for breasts to sag which include ageing, hormonal imbalance, being overweight, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, wearing a wrong bra size

Solution for Breast sagging

But don’t dread breast sagging anymore. However, it is really important to wear a no sagging bra to stop further sagging of your breasts.

What types of Bras are best for sagging breasts?

The bras which have encircle seam on the cups are best for sagging breasts as they have seams starting from the apex and tapering in to the sides of the cups which give lot of support as well as hold the breasts in place. These bras are the modern version of bullet bras which were popular in Hollywood in 1950s. It is the best choice for a no sagging bra as the curvy seams reinforce the shape of the breasts and lift them up.

Bras crafted with side slings are another best option for sagging breasts. The side slings are pieces of 2 layer fabric sewn on to the bra cups and gives maximum reinforcement. It fits snugly around the sides of your breasts without any gaps and prevents breasts from sagging.

There is Three parts cup Bras. the bra cup is made with 3 parts of fabric cut strategically and sewn together, gives proper fit and lift to the sagging breast. Three parts cup bra with side sling is one of the best sagging breast bras.

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