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Nude bra - Slay everyday and every look in our exclusive range of nude bras. You can dress up or dress down with our exemplery nude bras that come as Cami Bras, Pushup Bras and much more.

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The nude is described as beautifully as it could be by designer Naeeem Khan. He explains that the colour in fashion is slightly darked than champagne. This came about when there were many racist speculations. The media and many others felt that a lighter shade worn on a darker person cannot be called nude because it is not their skin colour, hence the calling of ‘nude’ offended many. But the colour can be defined or described by each individual according to their preferences, mindsets and over all understanding. Have you wondered why Lingerie manufacturers have a nude bra in almost every style? From simple daily wear bras to more sophisticated styles like the balconette, every bra comes in a nude shade. The thumb rule for any outfit to look flattering is good undergarments. Unless you are wearing a well-fitting bra in the right colour, the beauty of even the most exquisite, expensive designer garments will go to waste with parts of coloured bras showing through.


The colour nude can be dyed naturally without using harmful chemicals. It is one of the three neutral colours along with black and white. Nude can also be considered as an extension of brown, a shade of brown which can be around abundantly in nature and around us. Kim Kardashian is one bombshell who made the colour extremely famous. She nailed every nude outfit she wore and inspired the millenials to follow the trend. When you are in doubt always wear the colour nude, they can never go wrong. The colour is not preferred by many and if you sport it to a party or an event, you will definitely make a statement and stand out.  A bra in a neutral shade is your best foundation for white shirts, tops and dresses. Believe it or not, a white or Black Bra under a white shirt would literally be screaming for attention. Nude bras are the perfect choice for any light coloured clothing, as this will beautifully blend in with the natural tone of your skin. Nude blends in with your skin beautifully and you don’t have to worry about strangers staring at your bra strap or asking you to ‘adjust’ it. It is hardly noticable.


You cannot stop smiling and dreaming if you put these on! Shyle’s excellency is all over these Cami bras that come in three basic colours and one of which is nude. They are crafted with enchanting lace at the back for a tinge of surprise and sexy. They even come with removable padding and removable straps. Believe us in this, these nude coloured cami bras are to be worn as outwear and they will make you a fashionista in an instant. Pair it with a denim jacket or go bare with the arms, but this tip is highly confidential among the supermodels and we just let it out to you. We are giving you some serious fashion advice with this, thank us later! Also, the Cami Bras are known for their extreme comfort which comes from their fabric, they are as soft as a baby’s hair and you will hardly feel it. The combination of a classic colour and a modern style and fantabulous cotton is the formula for a perfect Bra and a happy day.

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