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Nursing Bra (नर्सिंग ब्रा) - A nursing bra is designed to provide quick and easy access to breastfeeding an infant. Celebrate every bit of this time in our cotton Feeding Bras, Maternity bra, Padded feeding bra.

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Nursing Bra & Feeding Bar FAQ - 

Q. What Is Maternity Bra For?

Ans) Many women wrongly assume that their breasts grow only during the last trimester, but that is not the case. The breasts begin to grow in the early weeks or months of your pregnancy. Also, every pregnancy is different. If you start feeling tight and uncomfortable in your bra, it is a good sign that your breasts are growing and it’s time to buy a maternity bra.  Another important point to note is that a maternity bra is different from a nursing bra. Maternity Bras are just stretchier and have more hooks & eyes to make sure your breasts sit in them comfortably as they keep growing. Normally, during pregnancy or after it, your breasts will grow a cup size or two bigger. Invest in maternity bras because otherwise, you end up wearing the wrong size and feeling uncomfortable.

Q. Why Is the Nursing Bra Used?

Ans) Earlier women had special attires or undergarments to wear when their bodies changed. Isn’t that sad? Imagine having to suffer in ill-fitting clothes all day and then having to undress every time to feed. Not only is it messy and annoying, but it is also unhealthy and unhygienic. To put an end to all that pain, the nursing bra was invented. The nursing bra is worn after pregnancy, during your breastfeeding months. It is specially designed for feeding mothers, for easy and convenient feeding. Also called feeding bra, they have flaps in the cups that are attached to the strap. These flaps can be unclasped from the strap for feeding and then clasped later on. Some have different techniques but they all follow the same principle. Nursing bras give the support and shape you need even while feeding. All our nursing bras are made of 100% cotton ensuring perfect hygiene.

Q. How Do I Know What Size Nursing Bra to Buy?

Ans) To find the right nursing bra for you is to get accurately measured. You can take the help of a professional at a shop or can measure yourself at home. 

Measuring you to get the right fit

Step1: Find your band size - To do this, you must measure yourself around by placing a measuring tape around your back, under your armpits, and above your breasts. If you got an odd number round off to the nearest even number.

Step2: Find your cup size - Wear an unpadded bra to take this measurement. You must measure around your bust at the fullest point. This would be your bust size. After measuring you must subtract your band size from your bust size to get the cup size.

The current bust size can give you the right fit but they will increase to one cup size bigger when the milk comes in.

Q. How Much Does Your Bra Size Go up during Pregnancy?

The size and shape of your breasts will change during pregnancy. Every woman will remain different and the band size will increase from 2 to 4 inches high as well as the cup size from 2 to 4 sizes high during pregnancy. The band size can increase from 34” to 40” maximum during pregnancy and the cup size can increase from B to E size. The cup size will further increase after delivery when you start feeding. You should measure your breasts every three weeks during pregnancy to find out whether the size has increased or not. You will need to change your bra size multiple times throughout your pregnancy. So it is ideal to invest in 3 feeding bra each at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester. For every woman, the change and growth of breast size will differ and they do go back to normal once you stop breastfeeding. 

Q. Can I Wear an Underwire Bra While Breastfeeding?

Ans) Apart from the general complaint about underwire bras which is that they cause pain in the breasts, there are some other concerns for breastfeeding women. So, underwire bras are not recommended during breastfeeding. This is because the underwire can resist blood flow and produce blood clots. This, in turn, hinders milk production which again causes clogged ducts. Oops!

But women prefer to wear an underwire bra during this period because the breasts begin to sag. This is understandable. So instead of shunning the whole idea of an underwire bra, you can wear it occasionally. Just. Occasionally. Which means you can wear it once a week for not more than six hours. This is no calculated time but just an approximated one. Wearing it occasionally for long hours won’t make much of a difference. Have a safe and happy motherhood!

Nursing Bra Online – Made for every mother

A nursing bra also known as Maternity bra is an essential underwear post-delivery. Purchase shyaway nursing bras and let the loving moment be special. Select from a wide range of printed bra, lace maternity bra, or a lightly padded pregnancy bra online.

Feeding bra: you and your baby deserve support

Nursing bras are not ugly anymore. There are different style fabrics to choose from making you look stylish. What type of bra do you need? You need one that has easy access from the front. With one hand you should be able to remove the clasp easily. They should be comfortable and must have seams to avoid showing pads through the clothes. Of course, you and your baby deserve support, so buy a voguish sexy nursing bra online from our shopping site shyaway. We have just updated our collection with style printed bras. The prints are marvelous and the seamless bras won’t make you feel uncomfortable as they are meant for easy feeding.

What to look out for buying nursing bras online

  • The size: when planning to buy the maternity bra online, you must know the right size. So get measured before you make a purchase.
  • The right time to buy nursing bras – during the first few weeks of pregnancy, you must buy a maternity bra. A lightly padded feeding bra can be worn for extra support for your heavy breasts. Scroll through our shopping site, you will easily find few pieces, the lightly padded one. When you’re breasts start secreting milk, you need a bra with big cup size to accommodate your breasts comfortably.
  • Underwire bra – do you think you can wear an underwire bra while feeding? It is not recommended to wear an underwire bra while nursing. They block milk ducts and thus reduce milk production. If you want to wear an underwire one, ensure the one you buy doesn’t put pressure on your breasts.
  • The fabric – Indian women should prefer buying cotton maternity bras as they are right for our climatic condition. The fabric would wick out moisture quickly. Keeps your boobs comfy throughout the day. The fabric decreases the risk of thrush which is due to dampness.
  • How many to have – You need at least more than 3 milk feeding bras. The cotton bras in your drawer is a must-have because when your breasts leak, you need to wash them often. Of course, you don’t want to sit without a bra.

Buy breastfeeding bra online from shyaway on offers

Yes, shyaway is offering you printed feeding bras online on offers. Buy 2 nursing bras @ 1299. Beautiful prints will make you look pretty even while nursing with our feeding bra. They are convenient and don’t need to undress completely whenever you feed. Our online feeding bra will help you discreet breastfeeding in public. Don’t forget to buy a nursing sleep bra from our site shyaway on offers. They have crossed over the front design and made of soft fabric, offering easy breast access during the night.