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Open bra - Hooks & eyes are the most dredful thing about bras! Almost every woman has given up wearing the Bra without twisiting and turning it! Add these Front Open Bras to your lingerie inventory and say goodbye to that frustration! 

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It is quite laborious to find out the exact date on which the first bra was invented, because at different times in history women have used different variations of a bra. But it is very clear that women have always tried to cover, conceal, compress or keep in shape their breasts. From just bands tied around the chest which they called Bra, we have travelled a freakishly long road, yet today it is daunting to buy the perfect bra and even wearing one has been such a pain for some. One of the many complaints about bras has been clapsing the hook and eye closures. The closures are always at the back of the bra. How do you do that until you have a pair of eyes on your back right? We have cursed and cried over it. Finally some clever woman figured a way to wear it which was to twist the band to the front, match the hook & eye and twist it back around and then insert your arms into the straps and hopefully they will sit in place.

Until today we follow those steps. But bras are not meant to be worn like that, this method loosens the band and ruptures the cups.These are commonly made of metal, coated with paint. As the bra gets older, the paint comes off and the metal corrodes your skin. Because of the rash usage, the hooks may detach from the patch any minute. One of the key reasons your bras are wearing out sooner than they should is because they are worn like that. Even though the band of the bra is made of elastic and is mildly stretchable, they tend to become wider as you twist it to the front; you would often notice how it has come down below the bust line  and  then you have to push it back up. Even the cups of the bra get squished and folded; this wouldn’t be a problem in unpadded ones but with padded cups it just ruins it.

To kill all these woes, try the epic front open bras by Shyle on The front closure bra is a recent invention and addition in the lingerie market, it has its hook & eye in the front of the bra at the gore. These have only one clasp hence they are non-adjustable. The front clapsing make it super easy to wear, you can save a whole lot of time from this. We always wished this day could come and Voila! Now enjoy dressing up without fuss, strain or drama! Needless to say this bra does not need twisitng and turning because you put it on just like any other topwear. This amazing bra is also long-lasting as every part of the bra will stay intact.

Types of front-open bras

There are front open bras available in India that come in various types. All of them are totally drool-worthy and are must-haves in every girl’s closet.

Pushup Bra: Pushup Bras are the new sensation in the market. But pushup bras that have front closures are even better and this wll help the bra maintain their shape and the foam inside the cups. Because often due to weight of the cups the bra wears out from hanging. But when the hooks are in the front the weight is balanced.  

Racer Backs: The Racerback Bra opens you up to a legion of options, you can go bare with your arms or shoulders and also avoid the stress of adjusting the straps every once in a while. No stranger aunty can either!


The fabric thats unbeatable and unmatchable in every sense; it would be a crime to not have the Front open bra in cotton. Shyle’s superior cotton bras are a big hit in the town. Watch the space for more! We are working hard to bring you the best items.

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