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Discover your Panty style from our wide range of Brands that are committed to give you optimum comfort and a contemporary look. Shop from Sexy Bikinis to impassive Boyshorts all at one stop. 

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Wearing a good Panty determines the course of your day, your mood, your focus and ultimately your confidence. If you are constantly bothered by your undergarments or you find yourself  figdetting, checking on them or wanting to take them off, its probably time to ditch them.

Susie - To Everyday Panties that get you no matter what and also get you through your Monday blues, cheers! They are the closest to your skin and body. These are also skin-friendly cotton and may be Bikinis, Hipsters or Boyshorts. But to cut the long story short, we all have our favourite set of panties. We also have some rules on how they should be; soft-cotton-printed-medium coverage would perfectly sum it up. You can find exactly that from our brand Susie. Susie promises to give the most comfortable casual panties with contemporary prints. Shop printed hipster panties by Susie on Shyaway.

Hipsters : Panties that cover the sides of your hip and give medium to full coverage at the rear. They have wide wings that will not cause any spillage from the sides. These come as high-waisted and mid-rise.

Shyle - For every special occasion, a sense of excitement and passion creeps into every woman’s heart. Whether you are fierce and candid or like to prepare in advance for the special dates, there is something for every unique personality. We welcome you to find yourself in our sea of options for bridal, honeymoon, date nights, workouts, or just self-indulgent-kinda days. Shyle is Susie’s sister brand that brings to you something that would evoke an emotion, a fearless and a confidence in you. Unlike the regular casual panties, Shyle has some grandiose Bikinis, Thongs, G-strings and fancy hipsters.

THE INCREDIBLE THONGS : Put these on and feel sexy as ever, if you have insecurities about your shape, size or colour, Shyaway highly recommends you to try out thongs. Ask why. Well because thongs have zero coverage at the back, but wearing this will give you a sense of realism, that you are unique and original. That you do have a shape but just not what the world likes and admires. Apart from that, Thongs have no panty lines and they can be worn under tight pants, tights, bodycon dresses or pencil skirts. This will also allow you to stretch your limbs and move freely because they have no leg openings.

THE G-STRING : If you’re looking to ditch the conservative panty in your drawer, you should try the G-string.

This is a skimpier version of an already skimpy thong; the G-string is basically a slice of fabric with strings forming the waistband and rear. Originally worn only at the beach or to the pool, women began to integrate this into their daily fashion. It is not uncommon anymore to see teenagers flaunt their G-strings under their super low rise jeans. Women working in corporates or rather mundane work spaces have also begun to wear this under their pencil skirts and stockings, they are not only surprisingly functional but also add a fun element to your OOTD’s. There is no question of visible panty lines whatsoever with this style of underwear. Shyle’s panties are not your mundane undergarments but they are beautiful exotic lingerie. Some of the pieces are crafted with delicate and florid lace which keep them worlds apart from anything else in your wardrobe. You can wear Shyle’s lace thongs or bikini panties and pair it up with our matching lace bras.

Liberti World

This brand proves to please the online audience time and again, their pure cotton hipster and bikini panties that come in modest prints will match any outfit and make any girl smile wide.