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Panties: Panties or underwaer aid Indian women in multiple ways, from enhancing the appearance to protecting your sensitive area . Investing in high-quality panties equals good health and hygiene. Our panties are hand-picked from the finest blend of fabrics that are suitable for the Indian weather. We have a wide range of collections that include bikinis, hipsters, boyshorts, thongs, tummy tucker, and more. These panties are available in different coverage and waist level. You can wear a bikini, boyshorts, or thong for a squared-shaped booty. While hipsters are perfect for heart-shaped bottoms. Choose a bikini or thong if you have a round or inverted v-shaped bottom. Besides the styles and features, the fabric narrates our quality. We have panties available in nylon, cotton, spandex, lace, and tensel fibre. We make sure our panties are durable, comfortable, skin-friendly, and have moisture-wicking properties. Use our panty size calculator and panty size chart to know your perfect size.

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  1. Taabu Multicolor Tie Dye Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
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  2. Susie Lavender Full Coverage Seamless Hipster Panty
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  3. Susie Candy Pink Ribbed Full Coverage Hipster Panty
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  4. Taabu Black Beauty Polka Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
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  5. Susie Blue Bunny Printed Medium Waist Hipster Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  6. Susie Toast Skin Barley Print Full Coverage Hipster Panty
    buy 3 for 499
  7. Susie Pale Pink Full Coverage Seamless Hipster Panty
    flat 20% off
  8. Susie Green White Contrast Full Coverage Hipster Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  9. Shyle Blue with Contrast Waistband Text Print Hipster Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  10. Taabu Black Star Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
    buy 3 for 499
  11. Susie Pastel Green Full Coverage Seamless Hipster Panty
    flat 20% off
  12. Shyle Black Full Coverage with Bow Charm Hipster Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  13. Susie Love Potion Low Coverage Solid Thong Panty
    buy 3 for 499
  14. Shyle Light Olive Soft Crinkle Medium Waist Hipster Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  15. Taabu Blue Checkered Heart Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
    buy 3 for 499
  16. Susie Taupe Mauve Full Coverage Seamless Hipster Panty
    flat 20% off
  17. Shyle Ballet Pink Ribbed Full Coverage Bikini Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  18. Shyle Lavender Soft Feel Full Coverage Hipster Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  19. Susie Brown Orange White Lace Low Waist Hipster Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  20. Susie Sodalite Blue Low Coverage Solid Thong Panty
    buy 3 for 499
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Choose the Right Women Panties/Underwear

Explore The Diverse Collection of Women's Panties on Shyaway

Discover a world of comfort, style, and versatility when you shop for panties and underwear online at Shyaway. Our diverse collection of women's panties offers something for every preference and occasion. Whether you're looking for seamless underwear for a smooth silhouette under fitted clothing or lacy lingerie to add a touch of allure to your wardrobe, Shyaway has you covered. Explore a range of styles including briefs, bikinis, thongs, boyshorts, and more, crafted from soft, breathable fabrics for all-day comfort. With a focus on quality, fit, and affordability, Shyaway ensures you can confidently find the perfect underwear to suit your unique needs and personal style. So why wait? Dive into our enticing assortment of panties and elevate your lingerie drawer with Shyaway today.

How do you buy women panties and underwear online?

  • Prioritize comfort, fit, and style when buying panties and underwear online.
  • Know your measurements to select the correct size for optimal comfort and support.
  • Familiarize yourself with different styles like briefs, bikinis, thongs, and boyshorts to suit your preferences and needs.
  • Look for Shyaway’s panty online size charts and product descriptions.
  • Read customer reviews to gain insights into fit and quality.
  • Consider fabric composition for breathability and durability.
  • Reach out to customer service for assistance with sizing or inquiries.
  • Confidently purchase panties and underwear online aligning with your comfort, style, and budget preferences.

How to measure panty size?

  • Measure the waist at the narrowest point.
  • Measure hips at the widest point.
  • Use a flexible tape measure for accuracy.
  • Consult panty size calculator or charts for guidance.
  • Compare measurements to determine size.
  • Size up if measurements fall between sizes.
  • Consider trying different styles for the best fit.

Types of Panties by Coverage

  • Full Coverage: Briefs, Boyshorts, High-Cut Briefs offer complete rear coverage and often have a higher waistband.
  • Low Coverage: Bikinis, Hipsters sit lower on the hips with moderate rear coverage.
  • Medium Coverage: Hipsters, Boyshorts provide moderate rear coverage and typically have a lower rise.
  • No Rear Coverage: Thongs have minimal rear coverage, featuring a thin strip of fabric at the back.

Types of Women Panties and Underwear

  • Bikini: Moderate coverage with a low to mid-rise waistband.
  • Boyshorts: Full coverage with a longer leg line, resembling shorts.
  • Hipster Panties: Moderate coverage with a low-rise waistband, sitting on the hips.
  • Thong: Minimal coverage with a thin strip of fabric at the back.
  • Tummy Tucker: Designed to provide support and shape to the midsection.
  • Shorties: Shorter-style panties with varying coverage.
  • G-strings Panties: Minimal coverage with a thin string at the back.
  • Plus Size Panties: Specifically designed for larger body sizes, offering comfort and support.
  • Maternity Panties: Designed to accommodate a growing belly and provide comfort during pregnancy.
  • Seamless Panties: Smooth, no-show coverage without visible panty lines.
  • Transparent Panties: Sheer fabric panties offering minimal coverage.

Best Fabrics for Women Underwear

  • Cotton: Breathable and comfortable.
  • Modal: Soft, smooth, and moisture-wicking.
  • Microfiber: Lightweight, quick-drying, and stretchy.
  • Bamboo: Eco-friendly, breathable, and hypoallergenic.
  • Lace: Adds a touch of elegance and femininity while remaining comfortable.

How to Choose the Right Panty Color for Your Outfits

When selecting the perfect panty color to complement your outfits, consider factors such as the color and fabric of your clothing, as well as your skin tone. For light-colored or sheer garments, opt for nude or flesh-toned panties to prevent visible lines. Similarly, dark-colored clothing pairs well with black or deep-colored panties to avoid contrast. If wearing form-fitting attire, seamless panties in a hue close to your skin tone ensure a smooth, invisible look. Additionally, consider your skin's undertone when choosing colors—warm undertones may favor earthy tones like beige or warm browns, while cool undertones may opt for shades of blue or cool grays. Ultimately, choosing panties that blend seamlessly with your outfit enhances overall comfort and confidence throughout the day.

Why Shyaway is best for buying panties

  • Extensive collection catering to diverse preferences and sizes.
  • High-quality materials ensure comfort and durability.
  • Affordable pricing without compromising on quality.
  • Inclusive sizing options for all body types.
  • Wide variety of styles from basics to trendy designs.
  • User-friendly website and responsive customer service.
  • Discreet packaging for privacy and convenience.

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