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Panty / Panties - Women usually don’t give more attention to their underwear. Just like updating their closet with stylish outfits, one should consider buying different types of panties. Here we have listed some types of underwear you must be aware of available to buy at our shopping site shyaway. This could help you to shop panty online with ease. 

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Types of underwear

1. Hipsters - The waistband of hipsters will sit around your hips, a lower part of your body. The panty remains body-hugging offering good coverage. Many Indian ladies prefer wearing hipsters for daily wear.

2. Brief - Brief is a comfy panty and they go well with any of your stylish outfits. The waistband will sit a little below your belly button. If you need more coverage you may shop high-waisted brief online.

3. Thong - Thong panty remains unconventional and best suited for those who are worried about showing off panty lines. Thong will have less coverage and they are best to be paired with a bikini bra.

4. Boy shorts - The panty is identical to men’s boxers. Unlike your regular panties, they provide full coverage and sits below to your hip. They are best to be paired with skirts and trousers.

5. Bikini – As everyone knows, bikini panty belongs to the swimwear segment. They provide moderate coverage and they are available in soft flowing fabric.

6. G-string - A g-string panty is similar to that of thongs and the remains decorated with lace and bows. They come up with thin string instead of a regular waistband and the panty offer very little coverage. G-string can be worn as a swimwear.

About fabric options

1. Cotton – Cotton is a breathable fabric that remains smooth and soft to your skin. The fabric is perfect to be worn regularly. Prefer wearing cotton panty during summer and workout.

2. Satin – Satin is a luxurious fabric and remains very smooth and soft to the skin. Wear satin panty on special nights with baby doll.

3. Lace – Lace is a fancy lingerie that remains light, transparent and seamless. They are very flimsy and thin, best to be worn for special nights with a lace bra.

Buying tips

Be conscious about your size – Before you go for a panty shopping, measure your waist and hip. Every brand will have different size and they will change with the type. If the underwear is not appropriate for your body size, they look weird and uncomfortable.

What type - For daily wear use, you may buy hipsters, a brief of boy shorts. For special occasions like marriage or honeymoon, you should go for lace or satin panty. Choose panty that suits your body type and season.

Fabric – The fabric plays an important role in providing you the comfort. In fabric cotton and soft cotton remains cozy and pleasant throughout the entire season. Satin, silk and other synthetic fabrics are for trendy dresses and date night.

Color and design – Instead of picking up nude colors and plain designs for daily usage, buy lovely prints and peppy color.

Budget – For high-quality fabric and unique patterns, you should be ready to spend more. You may buy stylish panties on offer, as you can stock your drawer with more than 2 panties at pocket-friendly price.

The buying tips will help you shop hassle-free from our online site shyaway. Enjoy shopping panty online from our shopping site.