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Blue panties - perfect sexy underwear for women who admires comfy every day, Blue panties with our head-turning styles, stretch fabric, cotton, lace designs, etc. Style your apparel with mesmerizing blue color panty and match it up with a cute everyday blue bra. watch out Blue panties online!

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  1. Taabu Azurine Blue Low Waist Striped Bikini Panty
    5 (1)
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  2. Susie Moroccan Blue Low Coverage Solid Thong Panty
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  3. Shyle Paradise Blue Full Coverage Polka Printed Bikini Panty
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  4. Taabu Windsurfer Blue Low Waist Striped Bikini Panty
    5 (2)
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  5. Susie Skylight Blue Medium Coverage Solid Bikini Panty
    5 (2)
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  6. Shyle Royal Blue Black Tribal Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
    3.8 (5)
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  7. Shyle Navy Blue Pink Tribal Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
    3.9 (6)
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  8. Susie Sodalite Blue Low Coverage Solid Thong Panty
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  9. Shyle Light Blue Black Tribal Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
    4.4 (6)
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  10. Susie Angefalls Blue Medium Coverage Solid Bikini Panty
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  11. Susie Angefalls Blue Low Coverage Solid Thong Panty
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  12. Shyle Aquarius Blue Full Coverage Printed Bikini Panty
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  13. Susie Sodalite Blue Medium Coverage Solid Bikini Panty
    4 (1)
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  14. Liberti World Blue Mid Waist Boyshorts
    3.9 (6)
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  15. Susie Navy Blue Animal Printed Full Coverage Hipster Panty
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  16. Shyle Sky Blue Lace Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
    4.2 (5)
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  17. Susie AngelFalls Blue Mid Waist Tummy Tucker Panty
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  18. Shyle Light Blue Tiny Floral Print Thong Panty
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  19. Shyle Light Blue Printed Waist Band Thong Panty
    3.5 (6)
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  20. Shyle Light Blue Casual Cotton Thong Panty
    4 (5)
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Be you in Blue!

In lingerie fashion, the panty plays a vital role, provides divinely fit and coziness. you will be mind-blown when you identify the pretty fact of “panty ‘’! Panties invented to nurse and give perfect shape. Panties have many terms such as- pants, undies, knickers or trousers. This undergarment will wrap your hip; Panties are very much part of a woman's life. It is incredibly comfortable, comes up with dazzling designs and it should go perfectly with your dress. panties are well crafted with absorbent material, cotton fabricated, breathable quality.

Panties should cuddle your body and exhibit your waist and butt completely, show off a more fitted look. Panties are crafted with lace, mesh, cotton fabrics, and other accessories and come in multiple colors. Women wear panties to show off the splendid shape of their bodies and on menstrual days panties are lifesavers. Some panties are constructed with sweat-wicking fabric, some are made for flaunting your lower shape. Own your perfect panties to avoid the following: 

  •   Irritation and itchiness
  •   Should be stretchy and without stiffness
  •   Vaginal infections)
  •   Itching sensation
  •   lack of sweat-absorbent

What blue says about you

Shades of blue never fade in the fashion world. Blue brings vibrant and refreshing vibes then why not add blue panties to your lingerie wardrobe? Blue attracts women; they pick ‘blue’ in every style of clothing, including lingerie. Blue represents the enormous sky; so as in the panty world it has a versatile role to bring your fashion style. Blue panties can be slipping into all everyday outfit very pleasingly. Shyaway tenderly presents an amazing range of blue panties. Pick these stunningly cozy blue panties online!

Shyaway’s top four opulent designs of Blue Panties 

Shyaway brings classic collections of fabulous blue bra panties with snug fit for your sexy attire. Shyaway’s head-turning blue panties’ tempting styles like lace detailed thong, sexy body shorts, printed bikini panties, alluring hipster will make you shop more and more. Lavish blue lace panties always have a great spot in women’s lingerie wardrobe.

  1. Shyle Light Blue Black Lace Cotton Thong Panty

Thong panty is flirty, presented in a little triangle shape. A few say,  thong panty seems like Y shaped, that resembles Bikini. Wearing cotton blue thong panty is body-friendly for the lower body all day long. And if you won Shyway’s blue panties with the styles of lace detailed, floral print, and cotton fabricated, what else do you need then? Among all, Blue color panty crafted by Shyle has lace detailing and wins every girl’s heart or wins the hearts of all girls). This Light blue-black cotton thong panty crafted with the tender black line that runs on your lower body, designed with romantic lace. Take away this amazing Shyle’s pick of blue color panties from Shyaway at great deals.

  1. Susie Blue White Basket Weave Hipster Panty

Hipster panty is an everyday companion; amazingly wearable comes with stretchy fabric.  Blue hipster panty gives you the perfect fit and smooth shape to your silhouette. Blue hipsters are flawlessly popular among ladies, crafted with cotton fabric, gives extreme coverage that is adorable. What are you waiting for then? Grab your gorgeous set of blue panties online exclusively at Shyaway.

  1. Shyle Light Blue Bikini Panty with Cheetah Print in the Front

Bikini panties are very exotic and beyond sexy; Bikini panty has a rare coverage, beautifully flatters your lower body shape. This style presents broad leg openings and goes perfectly well with all attires. Animal print blue bikinis are wild and flattering. Cheetah prints are absolute fun. Shop this wildly wonderful Blue Bikini panty at Shyaway!

  1. Shyle deep Sky Blue Belt and Zipper Printed Boy shorts Panty

Body shorts are similar to boxers, are typically tailored as high-rise, and provide amazing coverage! Blue boy shorts are preferred by all ladies, especially for their gym days. Blue boyshorts are constructed with ultra comfort and come with multiple designs and patterns. Shyaway’s Blue boyshort designed for coolest styles like elegant print of belt, with cotton fabrics. Blue Boyshorts never go out of fashion and every woman out there should have it. For summer days the only lingerie that comes handy is boy short! Buy this exclusive blue boy shorts with zipper prints, at our lingerie online shop- Shyaway!

Don’t stop at one, feel free to stock up on as many as you please. Shop Shyaway’s latest designs of blue underwear for ladies online. 

Explore Shyaway’s high fashioned women blue lingerie online!