Lace Panties

Lace panties: Lace materials add an exquisite touch of elegance and sophistication to any garment or décor. Women's Lace panties stand out as the epitome of beauty among all styles, renowned for their elegant allure and often preferred as an essential element in bridal and sexy lingerie sets. Shyaway offers a diverse range of women's lace panties including lace thongs, lace hipsters, lace bikinis, lace cotton panties, and lace shorts, each uniquely designed for both style and comfort, available at discounted prices.

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  1. Shyle Ivory Lace Front Comfy Cotton Thong Panty
    4.5 (2)
    buy 3 for 499
  2. Shyle Light Blue Black Lace Cotton Thong Panty
    4.6 (5)
    buy 3 for 499
  3. Shyle Royal Blue Lace Front Comfy Cotton Thong Panty
    buy 3 for 499
  4. Shyle Coral Pink Super Soft Thong Panty With Lace At The Front
    4 (1)
    buy 3 for 499
  5. Shyle Ivory Super Soft Thong Panty With Lace At The Front
    4.4 (6)
    buy 3 for 499
  6. Shyle Aqua Green Super Soft Thong Panty With Lace At The Front
    5 (3)
    buy 3 for 499
  7. Shyle Aqua Green Black Lace Cotton Thong Panty
    4 (5)
    buy 3 for 499
  8. Shyle Nude Black Lace Cotton Thong Panty
    5 (1)
    buy 3 for 499
  9. Shyle White Lace Front Comfy Cotton Thong Panty
    5 (4)
    buy 3 for 499
  10. Shyle Dark Pink Black Lace Cotton Thong Panty
    3.9 (6)
    buy 3 for 499
  11. Shyle Purple Potion Medium Coverage Low Waist Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  12. Shyle Aquarius Blue Medium Coverage Low Waist Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  13. Shyle Wild Orchid Side Lace Bikini Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  14. Shyle Bay Green Medium Coverage Bikini Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  15. Shyle Violet Full Lace Sexy Bikini Panty
    5 (1)
    buy 3 for 599
  16. Shyle Botanical Green Full Lace Low Waist Bikini Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  17. Shyle Ocean Blue Side Lace Bikini Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  18. Shyle Mauveglow Front Full Lace With Crisscross Tape Panty
    5 (1)
    buy 3 for 599
  19. Shyle Ballet Slipper Pink Medium Coverage Low Waist Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  20. Shyle Bay Green Full Lace Low Waist Bikini Panty
    buy 3 for 599

Buy Lace Panties for Women

Feel the luxury of lingerie with Shyaway’s lace panties collection. Designed with delicate lace, pick from our sexy lace thongs, lacy side-wings hipsters, or lace-at-waist bikinis and feel posh on a budget. Worry not about any visible panty lines and cherish your glam sense of style with our best lace underwear.

Made with soft and smooth skin-like fabrics of various colors, styles, and shapes that you'll love, Shyaway lace panties promise to find a lasting settlement in your lingerie wardrobe. Shop lace panties online at Shyaway for irresistible deals on your favorite styles. 

Different Types of Lace Panties

Hipster: Comes with all-lace or lace-panel designs with full or medium coverage. Ideal for all-day wear, these lace hipsters can be paired with shorts, skirts, or jeans.

Lace Thongs: Your go-to choice for a sultry and stylish feel with no rear coverage. Feel irresistibly sexy with Shyaway lace thongs on those special moments. Wear your tight bodycon dress and flaunt your figure with zero visible panty lines.

Bikini: Offering more coverage than a thong and less than a hipster, they sit comfortably on or below your waist. Our Medium-coverage, low-rise, and low-waist maternity lace bikini panties are a must-have.

Perfect for wearing under anything, anywhere, they come in mid-rise and low-rise options, allowing you to choose what suits you best. Name it cotton, polyamide, lace, and more, you can get your bikini fancy panties from the Shyaway website.

Different Styles of Lace Panties

Bridal Lace Panties: Celebrate your special day with our grand bridal lace panties made of luxurious lace and satin that provide a secure and flattering fit under wedding attire.Delicate lace detailing with a touch of floral embroidery for a romantic look, making you feel beautiful from the inside out. 

Casual Lace Panties: Cotton-blend with subtle lace, mid-rise, and full coverage fit that are perfect for everyday wear. Elastic waistband for flexibility and all-day ease.

Lacework Panties:  High-quality lace with varied lacework patterns, for you to choose according to your aesthetics.Form-fitting to showcase the beauty of the lacework and double lined for durability.

Maternity Lace Panties: Stretchable and breathable fabric to accommodate changing body shapes during this special time. Thoughtfully designed with maternity bands for comfort and support, these panties are suitable for various stages of pregnancy for expecting mothers. 

Printed Lace Panties: Soft, stretchy fabric available in low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise options curated with seamless edges for a smooth finish under clothing. Whether you prefer florals, stripes, abstract, or bold patterns, Shyaway’s printed lace panties have it all covered.

Plus Size Lace Panties: Specially designed range for a comfortable fit with a blend of cotton and stretch fabrics.High-rise fit for extra coverage and reinforced seams for durability and a flattering fit. The lace detailing is strategically placed to enhance curves.

Transparent Lace Panties: Designed with sheer and lightweight fabric with delicate lace patterns for a sensual and alluring look. The fit varies from low-rise to high-rise, with elasticized waistbands and leg openings for a comfortable fit without sacrificing style.

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