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Experience the flawlessness of Shyaway’s polyester panties with every outfit. This epic fabric finds its way in the making of everything right from an Everyday Bra to a sexy Babydoll Dress.


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For ages together, we have been loaded with information suggesting the goodness of Cotton Panties and, in fact, any other fabric seems inappropriate when it comes down to buying a pair of underwear. Yes, we do not a big yes to the wholesome benefits of cotton for everyday usage. In addition to applauding this soft and soothing fabric, it is also essential to know more about why women have started using polyester panties and the instances when this moisture-resistant fabric comes in handy.

- Effortlessly solving the issue of VPLs (visible panty lines)

The biggest problem with close-fitting skirts and figure-hugging bodycon dresses come haunting when the edges of the panties make their uninvited appearance spoiling the entire look that you have put so much effort into. These are the times when polyester panties come as saviors; the close knits of the polyester fabric are what make these undergarments so smooth and slender. This ultimately reduces the prominence of panty lines making their way through your outfits. The same math works with bra lines as well; yes, polyamide bras are ruling the market as well.

- Bye-Bye wrinkles!

Those dreadful days of annoyance when your brief tends to get rolled up or wrinkled causing great discomfort; most of us leave this issue unattended as it seems too trivial. Actually, these situations need to be addressed as they might cause rashes when left unattended for a longer period of time. The chemical composition of polyester yarn is such that it keeps wrinkles at bay. Of course, the maintenance of these undergarments is a trouble-free affair. This property of being wrinkle-free makes it be a major part of the Shapewear industry.

- Keep moisture at bay!

Fabrics such as polyamide and polyesters have the nature of wicking away moisture. Unlike cotton that absorbs the water content, there are occurrences when the amount of moisture seems a lot to get retained in the fabric. Now you get the real reason why the Sportswear industry majorly uses this fabric in its active bras, panties, and tights? With this very functional nature, polyester panties have great utility too.


- Breathability

It is true that polymer fibers aren’t as breathable as their cotton counterparts. But, this doesn’t make it an unhealthy option; the breathability is still retained when the right size is chosen that doesn’t constrict the skin. It weighs as light as air and hence there isn’t much worry about the air circulation beneath these panties.

- Hygiene

One misconception that has been taking rounds on polyester panties being less concerned about hygiene and intimate health needs to be addressed. At Shyaway, we are very much aware that undergarments are something that stays along with your skin for a good amount of time. And hence, every panty is lined with a cotton-rich gusset at the crotch. This will help you come out of the doubts of intimate hygiene.


Our super-gorgeous Indian brides of today are not inclined to the age-old tales of lace for the wedding night anymore. They are pretty much open to new fabrics, fresh styles, and glam-filled gala when it comes to Honeymoon Lingerie. The number of women who have opted to buy a polyester panty for special evenings has increased tremendously in the recent years. All thanks to the online lingerie market for bringing in these super-soft scorers being easily available in just a click.