Panty Size Calculator India

  • Bring the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips.
  • The tape must be parallel to the floor and the fit must be snug.
  • Record the measurement in cm.
  • Refer to Shyaway's Panty Size Chart to find your correct panty size.
  • Stand straight and breathe normally.
  • Bring the measuring tape around your torso, right beneath your bust.
  • The tape should not be held too tight or too loose, it should be taut.
  • Record the measurement in cm and enter below.

Panty Size Chart

Never ever sacrifice your comfort for fashion! Whatever clothes you are in, you should feel comfortable as well as fashionable. To help with this, Shyaway has launched ladies panties size calculator which is easy to use. 

Don’t Give into Temptation

Buying a panty which looks and feels awesome but rides up, peeks over or leaves red marks on your waist is just sad. It’s sadder when you realise that the panty is way costly.  Don’t buy a panty with uncertainty.

Yes, of course it is tempting to buy Red Lacy underwear but what use is it, if it’s not your size? But now that the panty size calculator is here, you don’t need to worry.

What Is a Perfect Panty!

No one wants to be pulling up or pulling down their underwear all day. Perfect underwear should fit snugly around your waist- it should not ride up or leave red marks, it should stay in place. Any underwear that is tight enough to rub your skin hard can result in irritation. If your skin feels good, then it’s perfect.   

How to Measure Your Panty Size Using Panty Size Guide: 

Step 1: Measure Your Waist

First measure your waist size by bringing the measuring tape around your hips and mark the tape.

Step 2: Note the Measuring Tape

Make sure that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor, and then take your measurement correctly. 

Step 3: Record the Measurement

Record the measurement in cm and then refer to Shyaway’s Panty Size Chart to find your correct panty size. There! You got yourself a nice and perfect fitting underwear. 

For any other enquiry regarding panty size calculator, feel free to call Shyaway customer service.