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Plus size bra - Add immaculate spells to your personal drawer with our Plus Size Bras from Shyaway store. Celebrate your femininity with pleasing Printed Bras and perky Padded Bras to highlight your beauty abundantly.  

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After all being a plumy, curvaceous and voluptuous woman, we find difficulty in finding the apt bra for our size in usual departmental stores. The busts of woman vary in stages demonstrating uniqueness and when it comes to plus size, all face the relevant dilemma. Problems like, band tightening, cups squishing and straps digging, skin bulges frequently happen when your brassiere is small or odd in feature. Such crisis is solved through the apt Plus Size Bra that’s designed to accommodate the physique more generously. This typical bra from shyaway include features like wider band, fuller coverage, proportional cups and trendy pampering designs that plush the full-figured lady beautifully. The fashionable point of view regarding this bra is that, compared to normal bra this bra is formulated with more curvaceous in style and size. It is a myth that a good fitting plus sized brassiere reveals support and comfort quality that constitutes a better shape for dropping or sagging bust. In our site you will find various types that cover up the cozy zone with preferences of wirings and seamings and also paddings. Come with us, to explore in detail about this plus size styling.

Recently, there goes a survey about people who wear this type of bra. And presently it is known that woman with narrow backs and big chest target on going with this stylish Full Coverage Bra.


We might think that, from which sizing does plus size is considered? Usually D cups are fuller but not upto the range of telling that they are bigger. Till 36C size, bras come under average stylings. From 38 bra sizes, it is considered as XL. Suiting various breast types, various specialized brands are quite noticeable in suiting with bigger sized ones. Based on the diverse brands, sizes might slightly change, so knowing the right fit is essential. To know the right bra size, take a tape drooping around your chest with bra on. Measure loosely the band and cup size using the Bra Size Calculator and put your hands on various types of bra online.

Every woman’s bust change in sizes while facing multiple staging’s like puberty, maternity and parental. Going with larger cup sizes will be comfortable and easy. Based on the need, fabrications are evolved. Cotton, spandex, polyamide and nylon textured are added with lace and mesh touch giving a designers taste of delicacy. This type of Dailywear Bra is blissful in nature commencing your charm fashionably.


Always confessing with the same plain bra is boring right? Making you happy, we present you with various styles in fancy and gracious manner. It doesn’t matter on what occasion you are leading up to; our plus bras are equally in challenging you offering greater comfort and support enviably.

If you are in office or professional suited formal, a trendy plus sized T-Shirt Bra with seamless featuring will be striking to your approach. This bra shapes you well as the necklines are neatly moulded with soft padded cups linings giving utmost comfy. You may find enchanting prints and patterns upholding your prettiness to the peak.

Hanging out with friends? Wearing on a pretty lace filled, push up bra to contour to bust with heavenly lift and shapes in seamings. This stunning bra is lined with underwirings that won’t be a disturbance to your comfort zone. The main usage of working on with an underwired one is to bring supportiveness, avoiding sagginess and spillage and runs side to the cups.

Looking for more lingerie online, hang on us! You will get your perfect fitting bra and also soft hipster panties to couple them. Enjoy shopping with us!