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We are blessed with the sprung tee trend and the much appreciated boho trend this decade, we proclaimed our lullaby’s to the bodycons and skin huggers. With elegance comes promised comfort, kudos to the prints that made it happen. In search of that comfy tee to top up your trousers, Shyaway provides you a range to choose from.

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Work with Prints

All of us have our ideal ways to churn up our outfits. Here are some basic ways to put our printed tees to use, to begin with footwear we’ll work all the way up.

Basic denim look

I know this is old school, but what’s better than our favourite pair of denim jean topped with these printed tee.

Dainty look

Grab the petite girl look with your tee tucked inside a flared skirt or maybe even add buckles in your shoulder line with dungaree. Pull in a pair of socks with some basic sneakers and so you come up with this cute chic look.

Edgy look

We are held responsible to break the myth that graphic tees never comes handy with our edgy put together days. With a perfect tailored trousers and a bomber jacket maybe even a blazer, a messy bun and stilettos, constructed a posh outfit to nail carpets.

Boho look 

A floral tee with a lacey bottom celebrates the modern day gypsy. So at the urge for a perfect getaway and in love with the boho rage. Slip in to your printed tee and mesh skirt, friction under your mules,and a large tote. Greetings, You just made it to the boho clan.

Dog days look

For those midsummers, ever wanted to layer up? Never,but with a shift dress inclinations to the fad is meet. An oversized printed tee in itself makes up for a shift dress, maybe bottomed with shorts and a flip flop is an appealing summer wear when you build your sandcastles.

      Quenching for modest, simple fashion. Try completing the Printed tee with a perfect T-shirt Bra, surf Shyaway for exclusive collections at an economical price range.