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Pushup bra Level - The fun, sexy and always in-style Push Up Bras are must-haves for every woman. Buy a racer-back push up bra today to flaunt your beautiful curves.  

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Q1. How often can you wear a Pushup Bra?

A. It can be worn everyday as long as you feel comfortable in it, when you experience some kind of pain or discomfort around your chest, avoid them for a few days, give your breasts some to heal, recover and breathe. It is as normal as a Regular Bra but just serves different functions. If your push up bras are Underwired, then maybe you could skip it once in three days.

Q2. How to store push up bras?

A. Please do not fold them or hang them by their straps. Folding them will misshapen the pads and hanging them will wear them out or tear the stitches between the cups and the straps; this is because the cups are very heavy in a push up bra, they are heavier at the bottom and the straps cannot hold the weight.

Do not invert the cups. Simply put on the hooks and place them one after the other in your drawer.

Q3. Does wearing a push up bra have ill effects?

A.Many people dread this type of bra assuming that it will cause some damage to the breasts, but all of them are misconceptions and are backed by no medical data. The problems always come from wearing the wrong size not the type of bra.  If you are starting to feel uncomfortable, if you feel any pain or if they underwires are digging your skin, then it is pretty evident that it is troubling you. This is usually caused from  wearing an ill-fitting bra or from wearing it for long hours. Apart from this, there are no proven ill effects of wearing a pushup bra.

Q4. Can I wear a push up bra during workouts?

A.No, push up bras are strictly not advised for workouts or any other high impact physical activity. Only wear the bra when you would be relaxed but also do not wear it to sleep, as the push up bra gives very little breathability it is not the ideal choice to sleep in in.

While a push up bra can enhance your cleavage and lift up your breasts, it still does not compress it or restrict its movement, but during a workout you want to restrict breast movements as much as possible to avoid pain or ligament tears.

Q5. Can a push up bra be worn by bigger cup sizes?

A. We do not completely understand what you mean by bigger, however the functions of a push up bra may not be visible or practically pureposeful for breasts that already have a defined cleavage. For round breast shapes and fuller breasts, it is understood that they shape is intact and also have natural contouring. So wearing a pushup bra will do little justice. But it is not completely ruled out, they could try underwire bras with light padding or an underwired Racer-back Bra, usually racerbacks have front-closures which brings the breasts closer to give a cleavage in side-set and east-west breast shapes.

Q6. How to wash a Level 3 push up bra?

A.Soak them in lukewarm water for not more than 20 minutes, always use a mild detergent and please do not use excess just to make your bra smell good. Rub them gently with your hands and rinse it well. Avoid drying them under direct sunlight. Place them on a dry  towel, this might take a while to dry but this is the best way to wash it and will make them last upto six months. 

To find the perfect Type of Bra for your body, please read our other FAQ’s to understand your body better and make wise choices.