Seamed Bra

Seamed bra - What can be more comfortable and give more structure and shape to your breasts other than Seamed bras. A seam cup bra can be used as Everyday bra as it holds your bosom and gives a natural shape.

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  1. Susie Fiery Red Designer Lace Cup Padded Wred Balconette Bra
    4.6 (128)
  2. Susie Skylight Non Padded Everyday Side Support Bra
    4.9 (20)
  3. Susie Stormfront Grey Mesh Neckline Non Padded Everyday Bra
    4.5 (133)
  4. Susie Ballet Pink Half Lace Cup Padded Wired Bra
    4.8 (33)
  5. Susie Pale Pink Designer Lace Cup Padded Wired Balconette Bra
    3.9 (136)
  6. Susie Mary Rose Wirefree Full Coverage No Sag M Frame Bra
    4.1 (40)
  7. Susie Black Beauty Padded Wired Balconette Designer Bra
    3.9 (136)
  8. Susie White Wirefree Seamed Everyday Bra
    4.2 (42)
  9. Susie Moroccan Blue Half Lace Cup Padded Wired Bra
    4.3 (33)
  10. Susie Ballet Pink Padded Wired Demi Coverage Pushup Bra
    4.5 (188)
  11. Susie BlackBeauty Lace Cup Padded Wired Bra
    4.9 (32)
  12. Susie Moroccan Blue Mesh Neckline Non Padded Everyday Bra
    4.4 (131)
  13. Susie Candy Pink Designer Lace Cup Padded Wired Balconette Bra
    4.7 (36)
  14. Susie Mary Rose Padded Wired Lace Cup Balconette Bra
    4.8 (145)
  15. Susie Ocean Blue Padded Wired Designer Lace  Bra
    4.7 (128)
  16. Susie Fiery Red Half Lace Cup Padded Wired Bra
    4 (33)
  17. Susie Black Lace Overlay Balconette Bra
    4.9 (542)
  18. Susie Sangria Red Padded Wired Lace Strap Designer Plunge Bra
    4.5 (132)
  19. Susie Double Cream Padded Wired Lace Cup Balconette Bra
    4.3 (145)

Seamed Bra Style – Why Should You Love Them

Seamed bra cups have seams running on the cups. The cups are made with attaching cut fabrics so that it allows the breasts to sit comfortably. Sometimes cups are crafted with more than 2 pieces. The molded bra is somewhat similar to that of a Seamed Bra. But the seaming on a cup varies as per the shape. Women who need enough support for their big boobs can wear this style of Bra. Indian women who wear saree or lehenga choli prefer wearing the Seamed Bra. The style will lift your breasts perfectly by giving shape. Our website Shyaway has few great collections of Seamed Bra in a different color, prints, patterns, and style. The Everyday Bra of seamed style can be worn under Kurtis and shirts so buy the seamed style bra online from our site shyaway on offers.

Know the Seamed Cups Style before You Purchase from Shyaway

Horizontal Seam - 

The horizontal seam design gives a projected and slightly conical shape. A seamed  Cotton Bra is the best to give you comfort as well as a sexy shape. They are best to be paired with a saree blouse.

Vertical Center Seam -

 The vertical center seam you would commonly find in demi coverage bra or balconette cup shapes. The seam at the center would remain supportive and gives maximum lift to your breasts.

Transversal Seam  - 

The seam remains curved or arched in shape. They give a round shape to your breasts and they are very supportive. We have Lace Bra in such a style for you to make a purchase online.

Diagonal Seam – 

The seams are often made with princess cut which gives perfect shape lifting your breasts at the same time. The bra with diagonal seam starts low in the center and gets higher to the sides. They give a flattering appearance to the wearer. Most of the full coverage bras have diagonal seam design.

Instead of Seamless Go for Contour Style Seamed Bra from Shyaway

If you love trying out a new bra style, a seamed bra is the best choice. Find out the level of support and shape you get when worn with different outfits.

1. Tube Bra 

A Tube Bra or a bandeau style is available online to purchase which is seamed for support and lift. Sometimes a bandeau bra comes with back closure for women with bigger breasts. Most of them come strapless. You may try a bra band with firmer material that just holds your bust in a better place. There is a tube bra available with underwires for the required lift. Try out these styles online.

2. Triangle Cupped Bralette

bralettes usually come with triangle cups and made with lace.  They are very stylish and comfortable. The cups will be made of a single piece of fabric and comes without underwire. The cups will be seamed for projected shape. In a bralette, support comes from the band which holds your breasts and gives a natural shape.  

Now you might have got an idea what shape does seamed bra will give you and how your outfit will look like. Get seamed bras to give a perfect lift and shape to your breasts.