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Time time off your busy work routines and be at leisure in a soft pyjama sleepwear from A Camisole paired with a pair of soft Hipster Panties crafted in cotton from the online shopping portal will do the magic of tranquilizing. 

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It is every woman’s dream weekend to unwind her tiring soul, tie up that high pony tail, hook a feather-light Cotton Bra, pull up that pair of soft pyjamas and spend the day just reading her favorite author’s novel or watching a long-awaited movie. It is always essential to relax as both the body and mind need a break to do nothing but stay calm. In fact, surveys have proven that women who take time off to de-stress seem to be more active and lively during the entire week. Proudly taking the Indian origin, the comfort and serenity of pyjama sleepwear soon made it a popular nightdress in both the eastern and western countries. Now, this super soft sleep-time favorite has made its way into almost every closet across the globe.


A pair of loose fitting trousers crafted usually in highly-breathable cotton paired with a matching T-shirt is what you’ll come across when you step in to buying a pyjama nightwear online. With the waistband being skin-friendly and rash-free, a pair of bikini panties in a equally soothing fabric would do the magic of loosening up your spirit. Talking about the jammies available on, each set is crafted wisely keeping in mind the concept of comfort and style in the right proportions. The print and patterns are pleasing and truly a treat to the eye. Clubbing everything from cute appliqué works to fun-filled new-age stripes, the brand Shyle has set the standards high when it comes to Nightwear in India. Likewise, the neck and sleeve patterns have been tailored with much care to offer an uninterrupted time of repose.


A popular name for trousers that extend till the ankle or sometimes till the knee, Capri Pants came into existence in the 50s. On, there is special attention given to these trendy nightdresses and you have an option to choose a knee-length, calf-length, or an ankle-fit trouser depending on individual preferences of comfort. With the perfect quotient of spandex blended with cotton, the stretch factor is also enhanced.


Why just end with pjs when you can find a lot more sleepwear online in India? Here are a few options that will soon take a front seat in your wish list.

BABYDOLL SLEEPWEAR : The name oozing a lot of sensuality in itself, Babydolls remain a hot favorite when it comes to honeymoon nightdresses. The sheer look, romantic ruffles, laudable lace, and the sexiest look and feel of these stunners offer more than just being a sexy wardrobe essential. To heighten the glam, these are accompanied by a super-hot g-string panty crafted with some transparency.

TANKTOP : Extending till the waist, tanktops are casual garments that offer a snug fit unlike the other sleepwear that are usually loose in fit. These stretchy softies come with a scooped in shoulder, also called the racerbacks. This is not only a nightwear, but people have started sporting it as a fashion statement pairing it with a pair of jeans or shorts. A V-back or a racerback bra goes well with this cozy companion.

CAMISOLE : Bringing on a more stylish statement to the sleep-time essentials, camisoles are usually loose fitting and are held by spaghetti straps. Their scooped-in neck and soft hemlines make them a soothing addition to the nightwear troupe.

SHORTS SET : Women who prefer to go a bit less with the coverage and would like that extra freedom can easily go with the short sets. These either come paired with casual T-shirts or with drool-worthy babydolls.

With so many variants to choose from, the most relaxed lounging is assured without a doubt.