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Sexy bra - Looking for a smoking hot sexy bra? Explore our trendy collection of colorful designer hot sexy bra which are hot as well as very sexy bras. Buy Indian sexy bra online at best offer price to boost your confidence and make your man go week on his knees.

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What’s your idea of a sexy bra? According to us, “Lingerie is not about seducing men but about embracing ourselves.” As this tiny little piece stays as women's all-time bestie, it has a lengthy job description. In today’s fashion, there are many bras designed for both sexy and functional purposes. Woman feels spectacular in her wear that speaks best of her. Do you feel that such lingerie is to be unnoticed? I don’t think so. Right from our wardrobe to the next door girl staple, Bra and Panty is the essential core in handling women with boldness and comfort. Such a brassiere is to be praised and comforted. After evolutions of woman role, many designers have come up with crazy ideas of making Lingerie better to life. Isn’t that boring wearing regular styled bras for every occasion? Why shouldn’t we try something different, special and say Hot’? Add ‘sexy’ to your daily delights and prove yourself best and enticing.

Commonly, Bra has been known unsexy due to certain reasons like the awkward shaping, support lack, poor fit, and those falling-digging straps. But we also need to be known that trends have changed, errors have been corrected. There are several styles of sexy bra that assign ladies in providing comfort and support in 360 ̊. Some types of bra remains highlighted to flaunt your physique with hotness. And Shyaway prevails to be the best online bra store that stocks a plethora of sexy bras for women. Just hold back your breath in looking at them, before making your priceless purchases. After all, life’s too short to skip wearing a sexy bra. 


T-shirt Bra - This bra might look simple but the features are artistically creating a smooth and seamless beauty in you. Now you may wonder what makes us add this intimate to the sexy bra category. Right to point, this adequate brassiere is specially lined up with paddings and underwiring in the cup offering a lifted and exotic charm. The main highlight of a Tee bra is that like other contour bra, this bra is not just seamless in feature; you will also find seamed stylings with pretty lace and hot prints exposing the prettiness in you wildly. You are welcome to match it with any of your T-shirts, tops, Kurtis or tank tops for the blushing beauty. Also, it is rare to find a practical yet sexy bra like this one. 

Push Up Bras - Say adieu to hulking and odd paddings. Women who are small on top and want to enhance the bust line love wearing sexy push-up bras for the classic silhouette. This Sexy Bra has mild fabrications of silk, cotton, spandex, and polyamide, melting you in cosines. The central gore has a small stretchy fabric connecting the two cups giving a hot detailing. To say about the paddings, this type of Padded Bra is beautifully leveled, offering optimal options of beauty. A little add ons of lace makes this piece extraordinary in view with racerbacks. This type of sexy bra looks seamless under clothing with plus to full look as the underwires are magnificently made to contour the body providing a sexy figure and va-va-voom lift. 

Front Open Bra- Initially designed and modeled for ease of use, front-open bras had made their way into the sexy bra list. Yes, today, these bras have become synonymous with glamour because of their plush crafting and exquisite detailing. A sexy bra with innovative front clasp, sounds fascinating enough?

Lace/ Net Bra -What could be sexier than a hot designer bra tailored in some rich French lace? Crafted with see-through cups, you could call this an impeccable sexy bra style without doubt. The solid colorings compliment the natural shape of a woman simply and seductively. Brides and young woman love suiting this style with a sexy babydoll nightwear for special occasion to splurge their fashion. 

Bridal Bra- Well, who wouldn’t want to adorn a sexy bra on their D-day? Yes, our bridal bras are a perfect combination of comfort, class, and charm that oozes sexiness in every thread. Available in a variety of styles, our bridal range leads the league when it comes to buying a sexy bra. 

Honeymoon Lingerie Set- Why stop with a sexy bra when you can complement it with an equally sexy pair of panties? Our lace lingerie sets are a must-buy when it comes to those special evenings with your loved ones. 

Find your favorite sexy bra in our store at the best price in India. Love shopping with Shyaway, your one-stop lingerie destination.

Sexy Bra FAQs

1. What are the types of bras and panties?

Everyday Bra, Front Open Bra, Tube Bra, Sports Bra, Strapless Bra, Nursing Bra, T-Shirt Bra, Push-up Bra, Bridal Bra, Beginners Bra, Moulded Bra, Bralette Bra, Cami Bra, Padded bra, Underwired bra, Plunge bra, Seamed bra, Full coverage bra, Demi bra

Panty :
Boy Shorts
Seamless panties

2. Why do a bra and panties have to match?

Bra and panties don't need to match. But a matching bra and panty adds glamour and can make you look more attractive. Matching pair of bra and panties are called a lingerie set. Lingerie sets usually come under boudoir lingerie as they come in lace and transparent types. They look and feel luxurious. There are matching bra and panty sets for everyday use also available.

3. Which color bra is the sexiest looking?

In contrast to the popular notion that black and red-colored bras are the sexiest, any other color bra can make you look the sexiest depend on your skin tone. If you have a lighter skin tone you will look sexy in red, black, navy blue, wine-colored bras. Dusky women look the sexiest in mustard toned bras and nude bras. Pink and yellow-colored bras will look the sexiest on women with light brown skin.

4. Where are sexy bedroom lingerie found online in India?

You can find hot and sexy bedroom lingerie on Shyaway, the best online lingerie store in India. Buy sexy bedroom lingerie like transparent panties, thongs and push up bras @best prices. On Shyaway you can buy lingerie like mesh babydolls, see-through lingerie sets and bridal bras in vibrant colors to wear exclusively on your wedding night and in the bedroom.

5. Are women's bras and underwear sexy?

Bras and underwear are made to look sexy as they are not only for support but also for visual appeal. Bras and underwear compliment women’s curves. Hence, they are made with attractive thin and lightweight fabric, decorated with lace and tassels to make it even prettier. Bras and underwear are so powerfully sexy that it can boost a woman’s confidence and her appearance in an instant manner.