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Shyle brand lingerie set - Indulge with our sexy and stylish lingerie set that are good enough to challenge your wardrobe. Browse the widest range of comfortable lingerie sets at shyaway online. Feel the beauty.

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Every woman is strikingly beautiful in her own way. Lingerie is something that accentuates a woman’s gleaming personality. All the talk about women empowerment begins from within. How comfortable would she feel when her inner self is shining in glory with the right piece of lingerie? From a survey that was taken, most women feel that the right lingerie boosts their confidence in the way of appearance as well as a sense of awesomeness throughout the day. Some of the best feel-good intimates are available at India’s top online lingerie shopping site with Shyle’s unique collection of bra and panty sets. The feminine touch that shyle lingerie sets provide is irreplaceable.


There goes a saying, “dress for the occasion”. But, we neglect the thought about choosing right intimates for the occasion. It is important to keep this in mind as we start adorning our personal lingerie closet


Daily wear lingerie is chosen when full-day comfort is aimed for. Style combined with sophistication offers a relaxed feel all day long. One mantra to keep in mind while shopping for daily wear lingerie is that it should be easy to wear and easy to remove. Trying fancy bra and panty embellished with pearls on a busy Monday morning is not what we have in mind. A right-fit easy-to-wear bra and panty set makes your mornings blissful and your day lively. At the end of the day, comfort is all that we seek.


Women tend to believe that it takes designer wear clothing to sizzle in an evening party. Many of us forget the importance of lingerie in enhancing the already-beautiful curves. Shyle offers a bunch of hand-picked party wear bras in different levels of padding. A lightly padded bra gives an elegant shape to fuller busts and is apt for figure-hugging clothes. In contrast, a level 2 or level 3 padded push up bra lifts your bust and is suitable for dresses with low necklines. Party wear lingerie sets are available in lacework, polyamide, and spandex fabrics with beautifully trimmed lace scallops. A tinge of satin is added to the bra and matching panties to give an extravagant luxurious look and feel. Thin V-back straps compliment racer back gowns and dresses with sheer elegance. It is a fact that most party wear lingerie sets come with a demi coverage bra as to delicately show off the curves. Use Shyaway’s bra size chart or bra size calculator to pick your favourite party wear lingerie set online.  


Shyle’s bridal lingerie line is one of its kind as it showcases the best-in-class flavours of exuberant designer bra and panties for your special day. Lace bra and panty sets lead the league with intricate floral embellishments. They slide smooth on your skin providing a queen-like-feel on your special night. Talking about bride-friendly bras, they are nothing but the ones with detachable and convertible straps. Flaunting off- shoulder and strapless gowns have now become easy with these bras. Shyle provides a vibrant colour palette of bras and panties, making the bride choose her best colour lingerie at ease. Not to forget, it is always best to opt an underwire bra lingerie set as it contours your busts in the most natural way. Now that lingerie set shopping is done, adding more spice to your godly-self is a honeymoon nightwear. A honeymoon nightwear is one of the key essentials to set the mood and glam up your special evening. Keeping this in mind, Shyaway showcases an elite collection of honeymoon intimates from Shyle. So, while picking a bridal lingerie set, always remember that it compliments your honeymoon sleepwear. The best lingerie brands have come to the comfort of your home with


So much thought and effort is put into buying the best lingerie online. Lingerie is a delicate piece of beautifully-crafted fabric and its life is decided on how well we handle them. A little care can make a lot of difference to both the look and feel of the fabric. Hand washing your lace bras and lace panties in a light detergent is one of the best ways to increase its durability. Padded bras need more care as the shape of the pad might get damaged during machine-washes. Similarly, washing light coloured lingerie with bright coloured ones might be a challenge as the colours sometime mix with the lighter shades. Hence, it is recommended to wash them separately. After washing and making them dry, it is also important to store the lingerie in a proper way. Shyle’s bra laundry bag online comes to the rescue. The cylindrical shape and nylon mesh fabric keeps your lingerie in its finest form. Apart from this, bra bags are available in other patterns at affordable prices. Explore the magical world of lingerie with Shyaway and discover the stylist in you.