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Shyle nurisng bra - Feed your little one with matchless comfort in Shyle’s nursing bra. Explore the other dailywear collection from this label that includes Cotton Bras, T Shirt Bras, and calming Nightwear only on

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Every mother’s sweet struggle of giving birth to her little bundle of joy isn’t an easy affair. With busts getting ready for lactation, a lot of biological changes tend to happen during the period of pregnancy and the days after child birth. The least we could do to ensure warmth and comfort to that magical soul is to gift her the wellness of a nursing bra. It might have been a where-to-buy kind of a situation a few decades ago. Thanks to the fast-paced Internet era that has made it possible for us to buy lingerie online. Talking about Lingerie, this term not only illustrates a sexy bra and panty tailored in lace but also portrays soft intimates that are specially made to offer the much-needed love and care that the lactating breasts seek.


The fastest growing bra label that set foot in maternity lingerie and has gained the trust of several adorable mothers is what Shyle is. It is bliss to discuss the Feeding Bras categorized under this brand as these intimates rank high on functionality rather than simply existing. In simple words a feeding intimate is nothing but a front-open bra that has button-style opening or flaps that could be unclasped from the side. This utility is provided as a key element to ease the time of nursing, reducing the stress of removing your bra to half. Now, what makes Shyle stand out from the rest of the mother-care lingerie brand? Here are some of the noteworthy features of Shyle nursing bras.

PADDED ESSENTIALS - The softly foamed cups in feeding bras have lot more usage than one can imagine. As mentioned earlier, breasts tend to grow even 2 to 3 sizes larger making it really difficult for a regular bra to accommodate the lactating breast tissues. In this case, a Padded Bra meant for nursing not only ensures a feel of security but also helps in absorbing leakage, thus eliminating the need to carry several layers of clothing over your shirt. Choose lightly padded cups or soft foams depending on individual preferences and comfort factors. Alternately, try an unpadded Sonari bra as a sleep-time staple.

AMPLE BUST COVERAGE - It is common for full-figured busts to fall into the trap of spillage at the front and sides, especially during the time of feeding for the very same reasons. Shyle has bras that have amply spaced cups that have enough room to house the soft breasts that have the possibility to change in size anytime soon. On the contrary, a few others feel the need for a bit more freedom that a demi coverage bra offers. Displaying hand-picked pieces in both these styles, Shyle nursing bras serve the purpose of every mother.


Leaving aside the never-ending debates on using an underwired nursing bra, let’s take time to decode the actual reason behind having wired cups. Firstly, it is important to note that wire fitted feeding bras are meant to be used only after the lactation regularizes giving the breasts a free time of at least 4 to 6 weeks after childbirth. Giving the required support that is needed to the heavy busts, underwired nursing bras from Shyle as sewn with securely-placed underwires and broad shoulder straps that help in bearing the weight. This crafting also helps in holding the busts in place which helps in reducing sagging and other posture related problems that might occur in future due to the lack of proper support.


If you feel that getting the right fit in a nursing bra is almost impossible, we suggest you to think twice. Make sure you use the Bra Size Calculator as you bra size would have noticeably increased. Once you have unpacked the most serene intimate from Shyle, place yourself in the bra so and slightly bend forward while fastening the back hooks. Simply check if the breasts remain properly settled in the bra cups to eliminate any misfits. Furthermore, proceed in adjusting the sliders available in the straps if you sense chafing.