Short Night Dress

Short Night Dress: Women's short nighties help you unwind your days in comfort and style. Getting enough sleep is essential for your health and overall being. What can promote good sleep? Besides several other factors, good night dresses are important for sound sleep. Night dresses should be soft, light, and loose-fitting to get air circulation during sleep. Shyaway as a reputable lingerie brand, crafts every piece of clothing keeping your comfort in mind. We offer an array of delicate, and quality nightwear in multiple styles and shades. All our products are designed with cute features for you to be sure of having good sleep! Our short nighties are made from luxurious materials such as: cotton, viscose, nylon and cotton spandex. Our brand has nighties for each lady; this range includes everything-from comfy t-shirt dresses & sexy short nighties.

Sleep Tee
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  1. Shyle Orange Pink Floral Trim Sleeveless Long Chemise
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  2. Shyaway Ballet Pink Dainty Floral Printed Casual Sleep Tee
    flat 20% off
  3. Shyaway Ballet Pink Tree Printed Casual Sleep Tee
    flat 20% off
  4. Shyaway Off White Melange Morning Sunshine Letter Print Nightgown
    4.4 (5)
    flat 20% off
  5. Shyaway Ocean Blue Floral Printed Casual Sleep Tee
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  6. Shyaway Wild Orchid Anchor Printed Casual Sleep Tee
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  7. Shyaway Dusty Pink Book Addict Letter Print Nightgown
    4.5 (6)
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  8. Shyaway Cabernet Red Dainty Floral Printed Casual Sleep Tee
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  9. Shyaway White Pink Leaf Printed Casual Sleep Tee
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  10. Shyaway Coral White Stripes Sleeveless Nightgown
    3.8 (5)
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  11. Shyaway Cadmium Green Dainty Floral Printed Casual Sleep Tee
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  12. Shyaway Black White Thin Stripes Sleeveless Nightgown
    4.2 (6)
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  13. Shyaway Black Beauty Multicolour Floral Printed Casual Sleep Tee
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  14. Shyaway White Grey Thin Stripes Sleeveless Nightgown
    4.6 (155)
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  15. Shyaway White Coral Thin Stripes Sleeveless Nightgown
    4.6 (155)
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  16. Shyaway Purple Potion Polka Printed Casual Sleep Tee
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  17. Shyaway Blue Black Thin Stripes Sleeveless Nightgown
    4.4 (5)
    flat 20% off
  18. Shyaway Pink Grey Horizontal Stripes Sleeveless Nightgown
    3.8 (5)
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  19. Shyaway Taupe Graphic Print Nightgown
    4.2 (6)
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Buy Short Nighty and Short Night Dress for Women

Nightsuits are the sleeping partner for most women. Wearing a short nighties will let you have a comfortable and good sleep. Our night dresses are specially crafted for a relaxed feel during the night. Our nightwear is made of cotton, modal, bamboo, and other natural fibre that keeps you soft and cool throughout the night. Additionally, it doesn't cause any skin irritation or rashes and layers like a second skin.

Top 10 Short Nighties and T-Shirt Dresses Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

  1. Ballet Pink Casual Sleep Tee 

Dwell on a good night's sleep with our cute and breezy nightwear. This classic piece is comfy and breathable and comes in dainty floral prints. It is a must-have for every wardrobe.

  1. Morning Sunshine printed T-Shirt Dresses

Our knee-length nightgown is the best addition to your summer wardrobe. These styles are a go-to for unwinding over a long weekend.

  1. Ocean Blue Floral Printed Short Nighties 

This is the perfect combination of comfort and cuteness. The floral-printed short nighty has cute floral prints with functional pockets on either side.

  1. Striped Sleeveless Nightgown

No matter how many patterns come, stripes never go out of style. Created with soft cotton fabric, the sleeveless nightgown is ideal clothing for every woman.

  1. Purple potion polka-printed casual sleep 

Polka-decorated short nighty is a perfect option to unwind your whole day. It features a straight fit, two pockets, and short sleeves.

  1. Thin Stripes Night Gown

Our brand crafts short nighties in unique designs and patterns which make your slumber more stylish.

  1. White Floral Printed Casual Sleep Tee

The pretty floral pattern and the knee-length top make it the ideal option for nightwear. These styles are must-have during the hot summer nights.

  1. Taupe Graphic-Print Nightgown

Graphic-printed nightgowns tempt you to try and buy. It comes with stylish features, shades, patterns, and hues.

  1. Vertical Stripes Sleepgown

Feel tall and high in these vertical-printed short nighties. Give your muscles a break from the routine and do a little stretches to feel relaxed.

  1. Goodnight Print Nightgown

From refreshing floral prints to cute quote prints, different styles are available to choose from. Besides providing sound sleep, these short nighties are wearable for lounging as well. 

How  to Buy Short Nighties Online: Tips and Tricks 

Buying short nighties online might sound tricky.  But when you know the right tactics you can easily get yourself one.

Fabric Check  

Nightgowns are stitched in various fabrics based on the styles and designs. Choose the right fabric based on your comfort level. Some prefer cotton for its softness and satin dress for its silky texture. Consider the fabric carting them.

Climatic Conditions 

Pick clothes according to the weather. Short nighties and camisoles are lightweight fabrics to wear during summer days or hot weather. For winter, cozy pajamas with hoodies or satin nightwear could be more appropriate.

Styles to slumber 

Though comfort is the main factor to look upon, styles don’t need to be the least on the list. Our brand Shyaway Tailors unbeatable varieties combining styles and comfort. Each piece of nightwear reflects femininity even during slumber.


Cotton short nighties are easy to handle, it doesn’t require much attention. Washing methods are similar to regular wardrobe. Whereas lace and sheer fabrics need to be handled more carefully. 

Styling Short Nighties for Daytime Wear

Short nighties are comfortable and breathable wear which serves dual purposes. Besides putting you in a sound sleep, it accompanies you as a lounging wear. It is designed in a short, relaxed fit to provide a light feel. You can pair it up with a loose-fitting pajama pant or mid-thigh shorts

The Benefit of Short Nighties

Nothing could beat the pleasure of slipping into a petal-soft nightdress after a long day. Sleeping on a cozy night comes with major health benefits.

Soft and Lightweight. Wearing nightwear made of quality fabrics will improve the airflow and stabilize the body temperature.

Relaxed fit for enhanced comfort. As short nighties are designed with a relaxed fit, they will allow you to move freely without any restrictions and keep you cool the whole night.

Comfort and Cozy. Since it is tailored in soft fabrics like cotton, satin, and modal the short nighties offer you undeniable comfort and coziness.

Designs and styles. Shyaway nighties are designed with various styles to cater to your needs.

Affordable. Unlike other clothing, nighties are affordable for every woman. It is cost-effective and serves multiple purposes, so it is an ideal choice for every day.