Pajama & Night Pants for Women

Pajama & Night Pants: Pajamas and night pants for women are essential as women need to be comfortable at night. Most comprise soft fabrics like cotton, satin, or modal fabrics that are used in pajamas and night pants to experience a comfortable night's sleep. It is possible to have some benefits if one were to wear pajamas and nighties. Some of the benefits include comfort and improved sleep quality. When it comes to night pants there are various options to select from the classic pj’s to lounging trousers, Capri, or even night shorts depending on individual preferences or even weather. Comfort Smart focuses on the modern look and timeless style of PJs, thus offering various trendy and comfortable pieces such as pajamas and night pants. Shyaway’s pajamas and nightpants offer luxurious comfort, combined with simplicity and functionality for quality sleep.

Sleepwear bottoms
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  1. Shyaway Grey Floral Printed Mid Thigh Shorts
  2. Shyaway Paisley Purple Floral Print Full Length Pyjama Pants
    4.7 (195)
  3. Shyaway Big Dipper Blue Space Print Mid Thigh Shorts
  4. Shyaway Big Dipper Blue Space Print Full Length Pyjama Pant
  5. Shyaway Coral Blush FLoral Print Mid Thigh Shorts
    4.4 (3)
  6. Shyaway Ballet Pink Polka Dot Print Full Length Pyjama Pant
  7. Shyaway Paisley Purple Floral Print Mid Thigh Shorts
  8. Shyaway Blue Grey Multicolour Heart Print Mid Thigh Shorts
  9. Shyaway Coral Blush FLoral Print Full Length Pyjama Pants
    4.6 (195)
  10. Shyaway Hyacinth Purple Checkered Print Full Length Pyjama Pant
  11. Shyaway Ballet Pink Polka Dot Print Mid Thigh Shorts
  12. Shyaway Fiery Red Check Print Mid Thigh Shorts
  13. Shyaway Fiery Red Check Print Full Length Pyjama Pants
    4.6 (157)
  14. Shyaway Dark Grey Printed Nightwear Pyjama Pant
    3.4 (5)
  15. Shyaway Monument Grey Printed Nightwear Pyjama Pant
    4 (5)
  16. Shyaway Yellow Printed Nightwear Pyjama Pant
    3.4 (6)

Purchase Pretty Pajamas, Breathable Night Pants for Women Online

Unwind after a long day by slipping into our night pants and feel the ultra-soft material on your skin. You can explore our collections of pretty night pants and stylish sleepwear bottoms and purchase them online from the comfort of your home.

Excellent Features of Our Comfy Night Pants & Pajamas

1. Soft to the Touch: Pajamas and Night Pants for a Great Comfort

Most of our night pants for women, like pyjama pants and shorts, are made from cotton, which makes you feel super-comfortable while lounging and relaxing. They are specially crafted to offer a soothing sensation, which is crucial for a good night’s rest. Shop for the perfect pair of night pants with us online and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated!

2. Perfect Fit of Pajamas and Night Pants for the Relaxed Sleep

Our experts understand that fitting is of utmost significance when it comes to sleepwear. Our night pants offer snug-fitting comfort. Therefore, they are never too tight or too loose. Based on your exact size, you can pick the right pair of night pants from our site and order them online. 

3. Customized Pajamas and Night Pants with Elasticized Drawstring Waistband 

You can adjust the waist size of our night pants using the drawstring waistband. You can make your pants a bit tighter or looser, based on your comfort level. This is one of the highlighting features of our night pants for women.

4. Stylish Slumber: Trendy Pajamas and Night Pants

You need not compromise on style even when you are relaxing or lounging on the couch. Our night pants in different colours and patterns are designed to look stylish and elegant. They offer a chic and pretty appearance even when you are fast asleep!

5. Pockets on the Sides

All our sleepwear bottoms come with pockets on the sides, where you can conveniently keep some of your valuables or belongings. 

5 Comfortable and Stylish Night Pants Every Woman Should Own

Here are 5 of our night pants that are both comfortable and stylish. Depending on your preferences, you can take your pick!

1. Full-Length Pyjama Pants

You will fall in love with our comfy-fitting pyjama pants that cover your legs fully. They are the epitome of style and are available in various prints, designs and colours. Feel free to explore the wide range of pyjama pants at Shyaway!

2. Capri Pants

These are some of our best night pants for women. They extend to a short length below the knees. They are the best choice to snuggle in cosily and fall asleep. You can wear our capri pants even while lounging at home or travelling.

3. Mid-thigh shorts

These thigh-length bottom wear are perfect for a slumber in summer. We have an awesome collection of mid-thigh shorts in many hues and prints that you will love!

4. Shorts Set

The bottom wear in our shorts set is made of breathable material and stands above the knee. The drawstring waistband lets you adjust your shorts based on your comfort level. Order the best-looking shorts set by shopping with us now!

5. Capri Set

The pants in our lightweight capri sets end up below the knees and fit snugly to your body. They offer enough coverage to keep you warm during the night.

Selection of Pyjamas Plays a Major Role in Comfortable Sleep - How to Pick?

Seasons and Fabrics 

You can choose the right pyjamas depending on your personal preferences. You can also select your pyjama type according to the season you are currently in. For instance, our cotton pyjamas are the perfect choice for summer. They keep you cool and dry throughout the season. They offer better breathability when compared to the other fabrics. If you wish for sleepwear bottoms that are more suitable for the cold season, go for some fabrics like silk, lace, modal, etc.

The Fabric Used to Make the Best Women’s Pyjamas

Cotton is one of the materials from which most of our pyjamas are made. It is soft to the touch and allows better air circulation. Your skin gets to breathe freely, which makes you comfy and relaxed at night. Cotton is also the best material for any type of night pants for women.

Shyaway Night Pants Perfect for Young Mothers

If you are an expecting or breastfeeding mom, you need to wear clothes that offer the maximum comfort for yourself and your baby. As experts who have catered to the needs of new moms for a decade, we have the best night pants that satisfy your needs. It would be wise to shop for night pants of your size so that you can move around freely before and after delivery. 

You can adjust the waistbands of your night pants/pyjama pants such that you feel comfortable, without the waistbands pressing against your stomach. So choose night pants that have adjustable drawstring waistbands. Our pyjama pants have such waistbands and they are available in an array of sizes, colours and patterns. As a young mother, you can buy our night pants to feel relaxed during pregnancy or while breastfeeding your baby.

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