Nightdress for women & girls: Nightdress for women provide you with better relaxation every night. Research suggests that one of the primary aspects of good sleep is the nightdress you wear. If choosing the right nightdress is a challenge, look at the wide variety of nightdresses for girls available at Shyaway. Our sleepwear collections are crafted with the finest fabric that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our designers choose the right fabric for every style of nightwear depending on the purpose, usage, and more. You can find breathable cotton-rich pyjama sets, lace and mesh babydolls, sheer chemises, soft-viscose sleeptees, and modal camisoles. Shop nightdresses online from Shyaway because we are a trustworthy lingerie provider offering 100+ styles in varied colours and prints. There is no question of running out of design and colour at Shyaway because we have products that fit your needs. Every nightwear you buy from us undergoes various levels of fit check, quality check, and price check. Shop the trendy nightwear for women here for peaceful sleep.

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  1. Shyle Black Beauty Full Lace Sexy Transparent Camisole
  2. Shyle Skin Close Neck Wide Strap Shaping Camisole
  3.  Shyaway BlackBean White Animal Print Nightwear Pyjama Top
  4. Shyle Baby Pink Fancy Back Full Lace Babydoll
  5. Shyle Black Close Neck Wide Strap Shaping Camisole
  6. Shyle Black Triangle Cup Soft Modal Long Chemise
  7. Shyle Skin Triangle Cup Soft Modal Long Chemise
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  8. Shyaway Grey Floral Printed Mid Thigh Shorts
  9. Shyaway Candy Pink Effortless Print Nightwear Top
  10. Shyle Black Red Lace With Contrast Glitter Mesh Sleeve Babydoll
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  11. Susie Ivory Yellow Printed Tie Up Chemise
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  12. Susie StormFront Grey U Neck Broad Strap Camisole
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  13. Susie Black Beauty V Neck Adjustable Strap Camisole
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  14. Susie Black Beauty Lace Front Slit Ribbed Chemise
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  15. Susie Racing Red U Neck Broad Strap Camisole
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  16. Shyaway Ballet Pink Dainty Floral Printed Casual Sleep Tee
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  17. Susie Racing Red Lace Neck Adjustable Strap Camisole
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  18. Susie Gold Brown U Neck Adjustable Strap Camisole
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  19. Shyaway Ballet Pink Tree Printed Casual Sleep Tee
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  20. Susie Mauve Pink U Neck Adjustable Strap Camisole
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Nightwear: Comfort and Style for Women and Girls' Bedtime

From cozy pajama sets to elegant nightdress, find your perfect bedtime style today! Research indicates that one of the most essential aspects of maintaining a healthy and peaceful lifestyle is getting good sleep. While sleep is connected to emotional and physical well-being to some extent, it's also essential to consider the type of clothing you wear to bed each night for optimal relaxation. Unfortunately, many women and girls underestimate the importance of comfortable nightwear. Here, we try to shed some light on a few important reasons why you should buy nightdress and the styles vary for women and girls. 

Types of Night Dresses for Women/Girls

Babydoll & Chemise: A babydoll dress is a fashionable sleepwear option for women, designed to accentuate curves and provide a stylish look for bedtime. 

Chemise is perfect for sleeping or lounging, offering a blend of style and comfort. Our collection of chemise options won't disappoint in any situation. Explore our range today!

Camisole & Slip: Our wide range of camisoles and slips keep you in cloudlike comfort from dawn to dark. 

Nightwear Sets: Our nightwear sets promise a fashionable and hassle-free experience whether for lounging or sleeping. However, you can wear this attire all day or for lounging too.  

Sleep Tee: This innovative piece of nightwear combines elements of a classic t-shirt with those of a 16th-century chemise, creating a unique sleep garment. 

Types of Fabrics Used in Making Shyaway’s Night Dress?

The best nightdress for women and girls comes in a range of comfortable fabrics and is durable to ensure a proper fit. Here are some fabrics that may suit you well!

Cotton: For women's nightdress, pure cotton or cotton blend fabrics like cotton spandex are ideal. This type of fabric is generally skin-friendly, and breathable and helps regulate body temperature. 

Lace: A lace nightwear offers enhanced airflow, ensuring optimal breathability for a cool and comfortable night's sleep. 

Satin: Nightdress crafted with satin fabric looks plush and feels soft to wear.

Bamboo: Bamboo is a natural fabric that is soft, breathable, and moisture-resistant. It is also hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for those women with sensitive skin.

Not only this, but in Shyaway we have nightwear in many different fabrics than this like polyester, polycotton spandex, viscose, mesh, modal, and nylon spandex. 

Benefits of Wearing a Nightdress

  • A night dress makes you feel at home.
  • It aids relaxation and facilitates sleep.
  • It offers comfort and a stylish bedtime look. 

Tips For Choosing the Right Nightwear For Women

  • Avoid tight-fitting nightwear that restricts movement and causes discomfort.
  • Choose breathable fabrics like cotton or modal to promote airflow and regulate body temperature.
  • Opt for styles that suit your preferences, whether it's loose-fitting nightgowns, cozy pajama sets, or comfortable loungewear.
  • Consider the climate and season when selecting nightwear; lighter fabrics for summer and warmer options for winter.
  • Prioritize softness and smooth textures to enhance comfort and minimize irritation during sleep.

Styling Tips For Nightwear

With Shyaway night dress, you can easily style your nightwear for an elegant look.

Short Nightwear

Girls, this is for you!! You can simply accessories it with dainty jewels and you are all set to achieve your elegant look.


Babydolls are trendy with satin fabric. So, you can wear it with stunning heels and accessorize it accordingly. 

Long Nightwear

Long nightwear offers a comfortable and breezy feel, requiring minimal styling as it acts as a statement piece.

3 Interesting Nighty Patterns

Why Shyaway? 

We know how important it is to have a peaceful sleep. That’s why we have curated a wide range of exclusive nightwear that will make you feel very comfy and relaxed. 

We offer you a unique range of nightwear in different colours, styles, and new designs. We are a size-inclusive brand embracing self-love and body positivity. Apart from this, we provide easy shipping at very affordable prices in the market. At Shyaway, we assure quality without compromising unique styles. So, what are you waiting for? No matter what the occasion is, there is a variety of nightwear out here to suit all your needs. Shop now!

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