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Sonari bra - Bring several sets of beautiful Bra from Sonari brand to your closet from our shopping site shyaway. When life gives you curves, flaunt them with high-quality Everyday Bra

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Pretty lingerie from Sonari will make it all better

Indian women have become quite familiar with the brand Sonari as they are in the market for 40 years. They craft comfy bra keeping in mind Indian woman’s choice. They understand what Indian women needs in Lingerie and their mission remains keeping you happy from inside. If looking to wear something comfortable as per Indian climatic condition, you may prefer buying Sonari brand online. We, shyaway have a great collection of Sonari bra suitable to be worn for the different occasion. Other than a Regular Bra, they have printed and bridal sets. Their lingerie is crafted of high-quality fabric. Have a look at our website shyaway and pick few pieces to be paired with any outfits this summer.

Why invest in quality brand lingerie

Brs are designed to last longer and there is reasons why you should invest in a reliable brand to purchase lingerie.

Quality lingerie means comfy – brands like Sonari uses only quality fabric to craft lingerie. Quality cotton will cost a reasonable amount. We believe Non Padded Bra should feel luxurious when you are wearing it every day. There is nothing wrong picking up quality lingerie made of high-quality fabric that could provide support and softness. The brand Sonari offers great comfort when worn daily so you may invest in lingerie without worries.

High-quality lingerie is created for women – the bra is designed specifically for Indian women to make them feel powerful. The brand puts tons of extra time testing the fitness of product on women of all age group. Each type of bra is created through extra research to make women feel comfortable in different styles.

They feature innovative technology – When we go for an underwire bra we search for the perfect fit. We may find difficult picking up the right fit. The brand gives importance to the right fit and supports crafting lingerie. They use innovative technology in designing specific styles so that they meet women’s need.

They are built to last longer - Yes, it’s true, if you go for branded lingerie, they will be made of high-quality fabric making the product to last longer. Invest your money in a quality product so that you don’t need to buy bra or panty again and again. It’s worth investing in Sonari brand so having few pieces of the bra of Sonari brand from our site shyaway.

Have a look what you can buy from Sonari online

1. T-shirt Bra – The T Shirt Bra from Sonari offer 3/4th coverage and go well with deep necklines. The molded cups ensure no nipple show. The cotton bra will remain seamless and perfect to be worn with any Indian ethnic wear. It is recommended to buy t-shirt bra from Sonari through our website shyaway.

2. Everyday Bra – The everyday bra you can buy from our site shyaway includes light shades. They have printed one that looks pretty and if you prefer buying a seamless type, pair them with any outfits. Everyday style also includes the seamed one and you may wear them with printed tops or maxi dress. 

3. Feeding Bra – The maternity bra from the brand sonari is crafted of soft quality material. The innerwear helps you to feed your baby with ease. Enjoy breastfeeding without any tension and if looking to buy breastfeeding bra online, go through our website shyaway and make a purchase from the comfort of home.

4. Full Coverage Bra - women with big boobs don’t worry, high-quality full coverage bra is available to purchase online at shyaway making the best use of it. The wire-free bra offers maximum support, coverage, and shaping.