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Sports bra offer - Protect your gorgeous curves by wrapping them in our exemplary collection of Sports Bras. Get a matching or a contrasting pair of Tights along with it, also get thongs to rule out visible panty lines.


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What’s better than having an offer on sportswear which is always a bit pricey? Have you ever stopped yourself from buying a Sports Bra because it was a little over your budget? Have you continued to workout in a Regular Bra? No more excuses, now get 2 sports bras for just Rs.1049/-. Owning two will also shun the excuses you may give yourself for skipping your session.

The greatness of Sportswear is unmatched, it makes your workouts more effective and you yield results faster. Experience a pain-free and hustle free workout session in our Sports Bra. Crafted for the women of today, the range is versatile in style, color and construction.


Racerback - The racerback style gives additional support and naturally corrects your posture and we know that posture is one of the primary aspects of any exercise. It is not only functional but adds a remarkable sense of style and class that will make heads turn. Racerback Bras are making the trend these days and are popularly worn as outerwear.

Pull-over - The pull-over sports bra is power-packed in all aspects. The style is when the bra has double layer construction which provides both compression and encapsulation benefits. The bottom layer is made for encapsulation and the top covers it, making it smooth from the outside and compressing the bust.

Having no closures, these are easy to wear, it can simply be worn through the head and it lasts longer. Today we encourage you to educate yourselves about breasts, sportswear and why you need them.

A woman’s breasts are not made of muscles so the tissues are sensitive and subject to tear and damage during physical activities. There are three directions in which a woman’s breasts move during an activity, such as in & out, up & down and side to side. Different exercises undergo different directional movements. To restrict these movements and make your workouts efficient, sports bras help.

They are made of high-quality Polyester, Mesh, Lycra, Nylon and/or Spandex. These are all machine made fabrics and are made of different compositions based on the requirement. The composition of it is what determines their ability to wick moisture. Moisture-wicking is a process where the moisture from the body is circulated within the fabric, neither absorbed nor left on the body. It moves the sweat from the body through the fabric and pushes to the atmosphere, this way it evaporates easily. The process also cools down the wearer. The small spaces between the fabric are called capillaries; the more narrow these are the more effective. The mesh helps in keeping it breathable.

You could walk into your workout studio in just the sports bra( because they are just that awesome) but you even play it down and pair it with a Tank Top or camisole. Tights or jogging pants are form-fitting and show visible panty lines, to avoid such embarrassing moments, you can wear thongs or seamless boyshorts underneath it.