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Sports Bra - Explore our stylish collection of Sports bra online that are designed to provide support and balance to your breast while doing physical exercises and gym workouts. Our Women's Sports Bra collections can elevate your fit & style for rigorous workouts. Browse through our collection of gym bra, exercise bra, yoga bra, push up bras, everyday bras, and lot more for an active, comfy style and fit.

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Buy a Sports Bra Online India – Give Wings to Your Spirit with Sports Bra

A sports bra is an essential part of your wardrobe to give extra support, protection, and flexibility all at the same time. The comfiest and supportive women's sports bras are available online in India to shop at Here you can buy a variety of active bras for sports like a gym sports bra for workout or yoga, high impact, plus size or a padded sports bra from Shyaway.

Sports Bras in India are made to provide comfort when you indulge in sports or recreational activities. During rigorous activities, these kinds of bras are essential to provide safety and support to women. also designs women’s sports bras that are worn as outerwear during other sports like jogging, or running. No wonder is India’s top lingerie online shopping site and a perfect one-stop destination as it presents a high-quality designer sports bra for every girl and woman at an affordable price.

The price of a stylish sports bra (India) at starts with an affordable Rs. 349. There is a wide collection of bras available in the lingerie section to suit every girl and woman.   

Find the Best Sports Bra Fitting at Shyaway Online

  1. If you are planning to buy a sports bra online or one who needs an active sports bra for every occasion, you are in the right place with Sports bras for girls can be of two types mainly - with molded cups to encapsulate the breasts or compression type bras to restrict the movement of the breast while it is worn. 

  2. Need a gym bra for a workout at the gym, cycling, sports, dancing, jogging, or running? Shyaway has options for all kinds of gym bra in all sizes, colors, prints, fits, molds, designs, and necklines.

  3. Teenage girls looking out for a camisole kind of sports bra have a treat in our huge range of collection for the best support, fit, comfort, and a slip-on style. You can never buy just one from a huge range of cuts, patterns, colors, including latest-trends like strap detailing, high necklines, and mesh panels.

  4. Padded sports bras for girls are designed specially to lend support during physical activity. designs different bras for different activities. For instance, the yoga and exercise bra is made to be extremely comfortable to provide flexibility and ease of movement while jogging bras are made bounce-free and also don’t restrict ease of breath. The moisture-wicking fabrics prevent the skin soaked in sweat.

  5. Buying an online sports bra in India is a delight with the wide variety of fabrics we specialize in to help the sweat wick away from the body. Another way sports designs keep the sweat away is by using mesh sections to keep the body cool during activities.   

At no women’s sports bras are the same as the other since there is a variety of shapes they come in. To give your arms and shoulders ease of motion a racerback sports bra is recommended where the straps cannot fall along with providing support. You also get to shop underwire sports bras in the market commonly not found comfortable by all, due to the wire rubbing against the skin during a repetitive motion that ends up being painful.

India’s leading lingerie online one-stop-shop provides you with a women’s sports bras for all sports and activities you do. Once you start wearing our exclusive designer sports bra, we are sure you will make it an essential feature of your bra collection and come back for more to buy at

Sports Bra FAQ - 

Q1. What Is Sports Bra Good For?

Every female athlete must have a Sports Bra as a workout accessory. The bra provides performance-enhancing benefits which are given below.

  • Get enough support while exercising – Too much of movement would stretch and tear the ligaments of the breasts. This damage can result in drooping of breasts. To prevent this condition from occurring prematurely you must wear a fitness bra that provides you the right support.

  • The innerwear can minimize breast movement – The most important benefit of wearing a Sports Bra for women remains to minimize breast movement while performing an exercise. The fitness Bra with the right fit will hold your breasts in place without making your boobs feel uncomfortable.

  • The Bra doesn’t absorb sweat but regulate temperature – The fabric of the athletic wear is good enough to wick moisture from your body. This would increase airflow to your skin and will keep your body cool and dry.

Make sure that you wear a tight sports bra i.e a well-fitted body-hugging ladies sports bra, which can also be called gym bra every time during a workout to protect your body and improve the workout.

Q2. How to Find the Right Sports Bra?

  1. It is important to buy a well-fitting exercising bra to minimize the movement of breasts during activities. Different activewear, especially bras provide varying levels of support. The first step in finding the right match is to determine the activities you’d need them for. For walking, tai chi, or basic yoga, opt for a low-impact ladies sports bra. If you want to cycle, hit the gym or dance, go for a medium-impact women’s sports bra. Women who run, skip or practice plyometrics use a high-impact bra. Two basic technologies are used in the construction of girls sports bras:

Compression - Bras are stretchy and as the name suggests offer some degree of compression. This is ideal for small-breasted women.

Encapsulation - Bras are engineered to support each breast individually as well as provide shape. When fitted with underwire, the encapsulation is enhanced.

Bras that effectively combine these attributes offer superior comfort, support & shaping.

Q3. How Tight Is a Sports Bra Supposed to Be?

  • The activewear is usually a lot tighter than your regular bra; this again goes back to the question of why we wear a fitness bra. Sports bra for women is more for performance and functionality than for comfort, so they are made to compress your breasts and restrict their movement. This is why; they are usually a couple of or more inches smaller than a regular bra. They do not follow the same size chart as other bras; they follow the common XS, S, M, L, etc sizes. To get an accurate size, measure your bust while wearing a non-padded bra. Each size in ladies' sports bra range refers to and fits one or two bra sizes. For your convenience, check out our size chart which is in centimeters. For this reason, we recommend you to measure your bust before you buy sports bras online, to avoid a difference of a few inches.

Q4. Is It Bad to Wear a Sports Bra to Bed?

  • Sports Bra for women is made of completely different materials than a normal bra. They are also made for different purposes altogether. Sportswear is made of polyester, nylon, Lycra or spandex or a combination of these. These are materials that are water and sweat proof, that is they do not absorb sweat or water. This is to cool down your body while you perform a sport or work out. This function is required only when you are involved in vigorous physical activity. Ladies' sports bra is a lot tighter (smaller by an inch or two), making sure your breasts don’t bounce. Therefore, wearing it any other time especially to bed is a bad idea. You want your skin to breathe and relax during your sleep, not compressed. Just like not wearing a girl's sports bras can damage your breast tissues, wearing them at the wrong time can also cause damage (probably more).

Q5. Why Do You Need to Wear a Sports Bra?

When it comes to buying sports bra online or a pair of workout clothes, everyone tries to save a few bucks. But there are a few reasons why we need to wear them:

  • To avoid discomfort – If you are a person who regularly goes for a walk or jogging if your breasts are not held in place, this could create discomfort. A good quality workout bra will handle movement and motion. So to hold your breasts firmly wear an exercise bra during workouts.

  • Reduce breast pain – The muscle ligaments will move up and down while exercising. This can result in pain in breasts after a workout. So to avoid pain get the best fitting online sports bra from Shyaway.

  • Avoid nasty stares – have you ever felt annoyed people staring at your boobs while running. Avoid nasty stares by wearing a jogging bra while running or jogging. Buy a good quality fitness bra that fits snugly to prevent your breasts from bouncing while exercising.

A workout bra is specifically constructed to absorb the shock caused by repetitive movement, so buy them at the earliest.