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Grab a legendary Cotton Sports Bra Online and remain unstoppable! There is always a Neon Bra for killer gym styling or go subtle in an easy-to-do Cami Bra in soft cotton.

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 “The best project you’ll ever work on is you”. This is one of our recent favorite quotes at Shyaway. It is undeniably true that there is nothing more valuable than leading a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. A few minutes on the treadmill or a half-hour walk wouldn’t hurt, would it? Still we refuse to get off the couch and physical workout seems like a fruit beyond reach. What if we say your daily routines could be more on the fun side rather than being insanely tiring? Yes, that’s what a good Sports Bra does to your otherwise boring fitness regimes.

But, wait! Wouldn’t a regular dailywear T-Shirt Bra do the work?

We are absolutely not blaming your Tee favorites here. It is just that a woman’s busts seek extra support and closure during physical exercises for various good reasons.

-Gym gears are usually tailored in tight-knit cotton and hence give great compression and encapsulation reducing bounce.

-Though you may find a variant of fabrics in the market including nylon, and polyamide, cotton remains the top scorer with its unbeatable comfort, moisture-absorbing features and skin-friendly element.

-A Regular Bra cups might constrict the free movements and that is the last thing you would want to experience while you are so much into finishing your stretches or final lap of jogging. Sports bras generally don’t have separately sewn cups and hence there is zero possibility of obstruction or strangling the chests.

-Moreover, a slip-on style racerback bra is more preferred with aerobics and strength training as it maximizes the arm and shoulder movements without having to worry about the hooks and adjustable sliders poking the skin.

Will cotton suffice for both low- and high-impact sports bras in India?

To answer this, it is first necessary to understand what the significant difference between both is. Yoga, meditation, breathing and walking are some of the routines that prefer a low-impact sports bra whereas high-bounce oriented rigorous workouts such as jogging, hiking, and cycling require the need to have additional bust and shoulder support. Not only are the high-impact inners associated with athletes and sprint runners but also a must-have for any intense gym days. Now, coming back to our question, cotton makes its presence in both of these types and does good justice to either of the patterns in bringing out the best with its super-stretchy, comfort-oriented character with the addition of right proportions of spandex. The same math is also applied in the making of Sports Tights available on the site.

Did you know that Jockey recommends cotton for sports gears?

This is one brand that needs no introduction. Jockey’s Padded Bras under the sports category are so affluent in making and have inculcated the best formulae turning these fitness intimates highly efficient and beneficial. Moreover, there is something that is more relevant to our topic today. Most of Jockey’s sportswear uses high-quality knits that are cotton rich. May be it’s the choice of the fabric and finesse in the construction that made this world renowned label a huge hit in the global market. If there is ever an innerwear that is so supportive yet soothing, then it definitely must be Jockey bra.

What are the other brands to buy a cotton sports bra online?

Not to worry! There is never a restriction on variety. At Shyaway’s online sports lingerie platform, you are sure to experience the exclusivity of other brands such as Shyle, Laavian, and Inner Sense as well. With each of these labels giving special attention to cotton gym shapers, the ones fitted with front zippers are quite a welcome among the fitness freaks.