Wirefree Sports Bra

A pullover style Sports Bra with a seamless cup will offer light support. The style is perfect to be worn during yoga and Pilates. Shyle Activewear will take performance and comfort to the maximum. 

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Sports Bra : An Alternative to a Regular Bra

Many ladies have a misconception; a Sports Bra is worn only when you are performing an exercise. Oh! No, they are not meant for physical activity only; you can wear them as an Everyday Bra. A good quality bra is designed to handle movement and motion. So when you move, the innerwear will give maximum support holding your breasts firmly. If you want a change from your regular bra, why not try wearing an active wear. There are different types of sports bra available to be worn for a different level of activity. If planning to wear as a regular wear, visit our website shyaway, you will get an array of options.

How the Bra could benefit your breasts

Sexiness doesn’t come by wearing push up bras and boosting up cleavage. Don’t make your breast feel and look unnatural. To keep your breasts healthy, there are few things to be followed.

1.A Wireless Bra doesn’t over stimulate your breasts - frequent use of metal wires is not good for your body as they reduce the function of correlating organs. A wireless bra will contain extended fabric which will support your breasts naturally from down. Feel great while wearing a wireless style either to the office or running.

2.They are good to prevent sagging – If you wear underwire bra continuously, this would restrict the natural movement of your breasts. So wear a wireless one while working out or dancing. Allow your boobs to move and swing to support the muscles and strengthen the tissue.

3.Allow your boobs to breathe naturally – no need to give up your comfort and style. Let the boobs remain in a natural shape and don’t give a push up effect if you are planning to wear a sportswear every day. For a comfort, seamless silhouette, a wireless bra is a must buy.

Mistakes you are making with your Sports Bra

1. Pullover style – an Unpadded Bra with pullover style should have an adjustable back band because your body weight would change over time. You should tighten the back band to maintain support. When you are buying a bra, start out with the loosest hook, it will stretch after usage.

2. Keeping your expired bra in the drawer – Sports bra remains durable and last longer than your daily wear bra if you care them properly. The Plus Size Bra will wear out faster. If your bra starts riding up your back and if your breasts are sagging, it’s time to throw it off and buy a new one from our shop shyaway.

3. The Bra that you wear often – If you work out 7 days a week you should have more than 4 sports bra. Rotate your bra making the elastic stretch faster if you don’t.

Our best- loved stylish wire free bra with fully adjustable straps is available online at shyaway, shop colours that complement your style.