Sportswear - Do women prefer sportswear for yoga, running, or exercise?  Are you facing challenges in finding the right sportswear for your daily routine? Worry no more. We've got you covered! Whatever your routine is, you can truly make a difference in your workout sessions with sportswear and activewear collections from Shyaway specifically designed for women. The functional design of our sportswear offers you the necessary support, comfort, and flexibility. It is also made up of breathable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking properties, which keep you cool and dry and prevent odour during heavy workouts. Shyaway has a wide range of collections, from sports bras to tank tops, leggings, joggers, jackets, shorts, and more, with huge sizes, patterns, and styles. Shop today and embrace the uniqueness with our fitting experts' magic in an exclusive sportswear collection

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Buy Sportswear/Activewear for Women

Fitness is a crucial part of our lives, and to be fit and healthy, we need to eat, sleep and exercise well. To achieve a healthy body and mind, we must include workouts in our everyday routines. While working out, women need appropriate sportswear/activewear. This is where Shyaway comes in. Sportswear from Shyaway is specially designed to wick away sweat, keep you comfortable, and provide you with adequate support. 

Shyaway sports bras, leggings, and jogger bottoms offer the best support and comfort when you exercise at the gym or get involved in any sport. They fit you perfectly and make you look stylish and elegant while jogging on the field or handling weights at the gym. In a nutshell, our sportswear products help you sweat in style!

You can buy sportswear online from Shyaway from the comfort of your home or visit our store at VR Chennai, where you can touch and feel the products.

Different Types of Sportswear for Women

Why do women need different types of sportswear? It’s because they need support for different parts of their body. Let’s take a look at various types of sportswear/activewear from Shyaway!

1. Shyaway Sports Bras

Shyaway has an array of different styles of sports bras, all made from soft fabrics like cotton and spandex. They keep you cool and comfortable and are crafted to wick away sweat during exercise, preventing any moisture retention issues.

Our sports bras fully support your breasts without restricting your movements, enabling easy and comfortable motion. Many of our sports bras feature racerback and front zipper options for convenient wear.

Additionally, you can choose from a variety of colors and trendy designs based on your preferences. You also get to choose your sports bras based on the impact levels:

Select the type that suits your needs and find the perfect size when purchasing a sports bra from Shyaway.

2. Gym Joggers

As the name suggests, gym joggers are designed for physical activities, not just jogging but also other workouts and sports.

Shyaway gym joggers are made from ultra-soft materials. Most of them are made of polyester and elastane. They provide you with the perfect athleisure appearance while efficiently wicking away moisture. Our gym joggers come with functional side pockets, adding extra convenience.

While shopping at Shyaway, consider getting a couple of our jogger pants. Once you try them, you'll keep coming back for more!

3. Workout Leggings

Shyaway workout leggings are sleek and chic. They are highly comfortable and offer the best support for your legs. They allow free movement and can be paired with any top or camisole, also available at Shyaway.

These leggings fit like a second skin, remaining opaque even during exercise. Women can be comfortable and confident during their daily exercise regime, as these workout leggings are suitable not only for the gym but also for running, yoga, pilates, and Zumba.

Importance of Sportswear/Activewear

Many women engage in physical activities while wearing their usual clothes. But this is not recommended because they will not get the required support and comfort while wearing normal clothes. As propagators of comfortable and supportive lingerie, sportswear, etc., for women, we emphasize the significance of appropriate sportswear in which women feel confident and comfy.

Sportswear/activewear is created to wick away moisture from the body. They are designed to offer additional support to the body and don’t restrict your movements. Added to these, they help you look elegant during workouts because they offer a nice silhouette. Flexibility is again a crucial factor, and only the right-sized sportswear offers you that! Last but not least, sportswear is made of soft fabrics that help you stay cool during physical activities.

Thus, when you play a sport or exercise, you must wear the right sportswear for the best results. Shyaway supports this fact, and this is the reason why it offers the best sportswear for Indian women!

How to Choose the Right Sportswear/Activewear for Women?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right sportswear/activewear for women. Some of them are here.

  • Find your correct size and purchase sportswear of that size. At Shyaway, our fitting experts help you measure your accurate size and assist you in getting the right fit.
  • Choose sports bras based on the intensity of your workouts like low-impact, medium or high-impact bras.
  • If you practice yoga, you can buy Shyaway yoga leggings (although our workout leggings are also suitable for yoga).
  • If you are keen on jogging, choose our gym joggers.

Why Shyaway?

Shyaway has been the leading brand for women’s lingerie, nightwear, sportswear, and shapewear. Our tagline is “Created to Love You.” It emphasizes support and comfort for women all day long, whether it’s at home, the workplace, or the gym.

When you shop online at Shyaway, you can buy the right-sized sports bras, leggings, etc., at the click of a button from the comfort of your home. However, if you wish to shop offline, we have an option for that too! You can visit our store at VR Chennai, where you can find a variety of sportswear.

Shyaway sportswear is affordable, and there are various discounts and offers throughout the year. We ensure that our services are the best and that your products are delivered at the right time to your door (if you’re shopping online).

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