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Wrap your legs in Shyle’s stockings in black and nude to be the ultimate sensation. Pair them with our lace G-strings or Thong to complete your look. 


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Hoseiry is clothing that worn on the legs and foot, it is usually referred to stockings or socks. It also refers to clothing that is knitted. Originally hosiery was worn by both men and women, even today some types of hosiery is worn by men. Stockings was made of wool in olden days and was worn by men, the defintion says that the word means a long sock for men, the word was first used in the 16th century.


Hose : These come as a pair, for a each leg. They cover the feet to the thighs of the wearer. It can either cover the legs fully or quarter or half of them. Much to your surprise that wearing these can be harmful for your skin and health, it is actually the contrary. These materials are all knitted and feel extremely light on the body. The fabric, the compostion and the nature of it is lies very close to your skin and increases blood-flow. Apart from the fact that these are highly sensual clothing items that boost your confidence and make you sexy, they are actually functional. If your day demands you to sit or stand for too long, then wearing a pair of hose will help you tremendously. The hose is also referred to as stockings or Tights.

Panty-Hose : These cover the gential area also and look just like leggings with a hip or waist band. It is usually worn under skirts and this type of hosiery has multiple benefits. Women love this because it gives them an even skin tone and they wouldn’t have to shave. It is also said to have health benefits, like it improves the blood circulation and prevents swelling because it is tight and close to the skin. Many women suffering from Varicose Veins have benefited from wearing the pantyhose. You might have also seen the leading ladies wearing these in the movies or the TV in cold climates and regions, it gives warmth too.

Socks : Since socks are a clothing worn for the feet, it also comes under hosiery and also because socks are always knitted. There are ankle-length socks, quarter-length socks, calf-length socks, crew length socks and so on. These can be made of wool, cotton or nylon depending on the purpose. 


  • It gives them an illusion of being slim and sleek
  • It also makes your legs look longer, especially black hoses. So, ladies don’t fret any more, buy Shyle’s hosiery now.
  • We all know someone or maybe it is you that wanted to wear an LBD or a micro-mini skirt but was skeptical so they wore a pair of stockings instead. So it gives you this illusion of going bare.
  • It also has very high elasticity, it is easy to wear and feels great on your skin.


Hand wash - All delicate Lingerie Sets are advised to be hand-washed. When you hand wash it, you have complete control over how it is treated. Washing machine can sometimes stretch it too much and this makes it very loose. 

Do not wring - Wringing it will cause wrinkles on it which cannot be evened out. It is very delicate and ironing may not be a good option. Squeeze them gently making sure not be cause wrinkles. Wringing also stretches the fabric.

Do not tumble dry - Hosiery is made of knits of nylon and it dries very quickly under a fan or an air conditioner.  Tumble drying them will tear them or expand the elasticity.