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Strapless bras - As the name suggests, these bras do not have straps. People who prefer bra for backless dresses will go with a backless strapless bra. It's also called an invisible bra or multiway bra.

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Strapless Bra For Women

A strapless bra does not have shoulder straps. These bras have a wide backband to provide enough support for the breasts and silicon or rubber lining to prevent the slip away and to provide proper support to your breasts.

A strapless bra is designed with moulded cups and underwires in some cases to provide the required support. In addition to that, these bras contribute to a glamorous look. The strapless bra comes in several styles like push-up, plunge, longline, low cut, and so on.

A stick on bra is a backless strapless bra designed to stick onto your breasts with the help of an adhesive, keeping them in place. They are literally invisible when you wear any dresses.

Who can wear a strapless bra?

Any woman can wear a strapless bra, irrespective of their bust size. These bras are crafted to provide enough support to hold the busts without compromising on comfort and style. An underwired strapless bra for heavy bust woman is a better option for obtaining good support and comfort. The underwire would prevent sagging for women with fuller busts.

Why should one wear a strapless bra?

Strapless bras are the perfect lingerie to wear for off-shoulder dresses. One can wear their favourite strapless dresses without worrying about visible bra straps. The wide underband provides the required support without sacrificing comfort and style.

If one feels uncomfortable or is not certain about the support, they can wear straps or invisible strapless bras where the bra is connected with shoulder straps for support. Women can also choose bras such as invisible strapless bras where the back band is transparent and suitable for stunning backless dresses.

Stick on bras support and protect the breasts from sagging, back pain, etc. These bras also can enhance the breast appearance by lifting them up and preventing any sort of wardrobe malfunctions.

Strapless bras at Shyaway

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Shyaway’s stick on bras are designed from a skin-friendly adhesive that can stay put on your breasts without causing any irritation or other skin issues. The bras are crafted to concentrate more on the breast area by covering and lifting them up. Check out Shyaway’s fabulous strapless bra collection and shop from the fantastic collection at pocket-friendly prices.