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The strapless bra is no new-age invention or addition, its origin traces back to women wearing leather strips around their chests to compress and support it. It has been modified for optimum support and comfort. So, a Bra without straps or a bra that has removable straps is called a strapless bra.


  • Since this bra has to hold itself, make sure your strapless bra has good boning on the sides. This will help hold your breasts in place.
  • If you are cup size D or DD, make sure you get one with extra hooks, because bigger sizes need more support. Also, check for a wider band.
  • Skip the moisturizer or lotion or just anything that makes the skin smooth, as this will make it slide down easily.
  • Go down a band size for a snug fit, this will ensure that the bra is in place.
  • A strapless bra with a high gore that covers the center part between your breasts.

These points will help give you the best fit.


Owning a pair of well-fitting strapless bras will enable you to wear anything strapless, sleeveless and off-shoulder. In today’s day and age, it is not quite possible to avoid wearing those clothes, and it is utterly mindless to not wear it just because you don’t own the right bra. Also, on some days you feel way better without those straps on your shoulders! It can sometimes be burdensome, especially in summer.


1. Bandeau - Wall paintings from the 1300’s unfold to us women wearing a band-like top that covered just their chest and what is more fascinating is that women athletes wore it while playing a sport to protect their breasts and cover them. How so empowering is it to know that even ancient women have been involved in sports? Since then the bandeau became a thing! Most Bandeau are slip on's and are made of a single stretchable piece of cloth; these are ideal and best suited only for smaller breasts as it gives minimal support. But there are also bandeau’s which have two elastic bands on the top and the bottom, these give some extra support and can be worn by women with larger breasts.

2. Padded - When a strapless bra comes with pads they are called padded strapless bras. The padding in some is removable and in others it is not. Padded strapless bras shape your breasts and can help smaller breasts look slighter fuller.

3. Underwire - We are all familiar with stories of the strapless bra sliding down, to curb that, the Underwire Bra was invented element was introduced in a strapless bra. The underwire holds and keeps the breasts in place and position. The bottom portion of the bra becomes slightly heavier and in turn, the bra will not slip off easily. It also helps sagging breasts.

4. Pushup - A Pushup Bra in strapless style serves the same purpose as a pushup bra with straps. Whereas in a strapless bra, the pushup function is prominent, because the underwire and padding does the job of the straps also. It only increases the breast size, it also gives great contouring and shaping. This, in turn, makes you look dapper in anything you wear because the foundation underneath is excellent.

The pushup strapless bra automatically is designed to lift the breasts and it will not slide down when you raise your arms or run around the room.