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Transform the way you dress up with Shyle’s awe-inspiring T-Back Front Open Bras, Push up Bras, Strapless bras. it allows you to flaunt your shoulders and your lovely arms. Also try our Transparent Straps and Bra strap clips to create your own T-backs!

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  1. Susie Flame Fancy Back Lace Front Open Bra
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  2. Susie Paradise Green Fancy Back Lace Front Open Bra
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  4. Nykaa Nude Skin Non Padded Hi Support Multi Purpose Bra
  5. Nykaa Black Non Padded Full Coverage Multi Purpose Bra


A horde of us wears bras, we definitely shop for them, but only a handful of us actually knows the types, its functions and genuinely desire to buy good bras. To spark and encourage the ones who don’t for whatever reason, these Front-Open Bras will speak to you. T-backs are a sub-type of Racer Back Bras, in a racer-back the straps are arched inwards. Sports Bras were the first type of bra to use the racer-back style, but today we have a wide range of bras that have racer-backs.

T-backs are bras whose straps  form a T shape at the back. Since this resembles the pull-over style, it gives extra support. Wearing these are uncomplicated so these bras last longer because the band elastics stay intact. They are not only stylish, but highly functional.


Matching a hook & eye every morning is an arduous task, so many women found an easier way, twisting the closure panel to the front. While this might seem very efficient and a fast way to wear bras, it is still not correct. The band is made of elastic and by doing this you wear it out much sooner than it should wear out. To avoid all these hassles, you can wear a front-open bra which comes in T-backs, V-backs and Y-backs. They have only one hook and eye, which makes it easy to maintain.

Shyle’s line up of stunning racer-backs can be worn everyday to work, there are push-up bras and plunge bras.


There is no telling how much a bra’s strap can annoy you and stop you from wearing a classy halter neck top or anything cool.

The bra can be worn with sleeveless tops and off-shoulders. It is perfect bra for any clothing where you don’t want your bra to show.

Even though it can be worn underneath clothing, it can also be worn as an outerwear, with a khaftan shrug or a nice jacket. This look is an absolute knockout. Or you could go backless and show off this cool bra.


1.Women with sloping shoulders often suffer from straps slipping off their shoulders, even in a well-fitted bra and adjusted strap, a T-back or any other racerback bra can fix that instantly for you.

2.Larger breasts or cup sizes can wear the T-back bra for additional support.

3.If you have breast shapes East-West or Wide set, the T-back front open bra will work for you as the front closure automatically brings the breasts closer to each other.

If you have a shoulder injury or any pain caused by bra straps, this is for you. The T-back front open bra will not only negate the chance of straps biting your shoulders, but Shyle’s beautiful lace T-back will be as light as air on you.