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Are you bored wearing the same set of sports bras to the gym? Then, it is definitely time to check out Shyaway’s latest range of T-Back sports bras online and the exciting deals accompanying the Tback sports bra price. 

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T-Back Sports Bra

Do you know that a study says wearing trendy workout clothes increases your motivation to work out? Get the taste of our trendy T-back sportswear bras and you would definitely want to hit the gym without finding excuses this time around. Use our latest coupons and exciting offers to buy the best combo of athleisure wear at affordable prices.

The Best T-Back Sports Bra

How do you choose the right T-back sportswear?

  • Sturdy Bands: Does your exercise routine include warm-up, cardio, strength training, and a bit of yoga? You cannot change attires after every set. Sturdy bands will keep your bra in place regardless of how much you stretch.
  • Broad Straps: Thin straps are good for daily use but they can give you red marks and cause itching if you were to wear them while exercising. Broad straps will distribute the weight of your breasts evenly. Improper workout wear will also contribute to breast soreness, stiff neck and shoulders after exercising. The T-Back will disperse the weight of your breasts across your back rather than just on your shoulder and will make enough room for you to stretch your shoulders without your strap edges digging into your skin.
  • Hooks: Hooks are one of the important reasons you should ditch a normal bra during workouts. Hooks don’t see a lot of action and even the heavy-duty ones can unhook themselves while you exercise. Slip-on is a common feature in sports clothing because they offer a free range of motion to the wearer. At Shyaway we offer you a premium range of T-Back sportswear bras made of rich elastane to provide you with long-lasting support and comfort. Choose our zipper style sportswear if slip-on types don’t bode well with you.
  • Fabric: Sweat it out but don’t catch a cold! Moisture-wicking breathable fabrics are the primary reason behind expensive T-back sports bra prices. A wet outfit will become a breeding ground for bacteria and you don’t want to be tagged as the ‘smelly cat’ at the gym. Nylon, Spandex, and polyamide are the most common fabrics used in making sportswear across the world. These fabrics keep your body temperature warm and dry throughout the year regardless of the season.
  • Flexibility: A stitch in time saves nine. Be it your T-Back sportswear bras or your casual workout leggings, each stitch line is strong and planned out to meet your workout requirements. Expand your body’s limits and let your sportswear aid you in that mission.
  • Full Coverage: Sportswear always has full coverage cups. This gives you a jiggle-free workout experience. Battle with your gym equipment not with embarrassment. Shop T-Back bras and get workout ready with Shyaway. You can go for a T-back sports bra with or without padding or settle for removable padding if you are unable to choose between our scintillating sportswear online.

T-Back Sports Bra Plus Size

Plus size women are left with fewer choices as newer trends step into the market. This is not the case at Shyaway, shop any style of your choice and avail yourself of the same colour, fit, and price options as lean women. Being on the heavier side doesn’t mean your gym selfies should be less beautiful. Showcase your curves with full-blown confidence at any time of the day. Get the side fat, back rolls and top bulge under control without constricting your breath. Jiggle-proof your morning jogs and style-proof your wardrobe. Shop our freshly picked T-back sports bra for plus-sized women at affordable prices now.


T-Back Sports Bra Price

Sports bras are always a bit expensive than normal lingerie given their functionality and durability. Shop affordable premium quality T-Back sports bras online from Shyaway to enjoy the perks of good exercise without compromising on your fashion needs. Make your morning classier and healthy with our stunning collection.