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Padded T-shirt Bra - Looking for a comfy bra for outfit? Padded t-shirt bra comes for your rescue. Padded T-shirt bra is a stunningly-gorgeous piece for your everyday look. Padded t-shirt bras are designed with moulded-seamless cups that offer amazing contouring. Get this padded t-shirt bra to smooth out your silhouette.

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Every girl has their preference when it comes to choosing the perfect lingerie. But what the women look for in their intimate wear primarily is an unbeatable support. A bra that gives them superior flexibility in whatever they do throughout the day. Whatever they do, they should feel comfortable and superiorly happy in the choice of their intimate apparel. When it comes to T-Shirt bras, it is more popular among girls not just because of wearing it with t-shirts but also for the seamlessness and versatility of wearing them with any garment in your wardrobe. T-shirt bras are unique and comfortable. Wear it with t-shirts obviously and also with kurta, churidar and so on. Shyaway gives the best T-shirt bras with good quality and customer service. It has a wide range of products that are meant to enhance your natural shape, creating a slightly more rounded look. The t-shirt bra is worth the effort which fits you well and it could even become the most comfortable bra that you ever own. And most probably, they are not for just t-shirts but also a great style to wear under almost every item in your wardrobe. Shop for a Transparent Bra to have a chic look and seductive appearance.


Shyaway nurtures the demand of the modern-day woman and has been working upon to design those perfect fits that make the woman feel like a princess! Shyaway's latest collection of T-shirt bras with padded is bound to leave you very excited and will flatter you by adding a soft touch to your skin. The starting price is from Rs. 419, each piece of the padded bra by shyaway is a work of wonder. The entire range of T-shirt Padded bras with different brands is made using fabrics like cotton, mesh, polyamide, and spandex. The bras are designed with superior fit and flexibility to accentuate the feel-good factor of every size woman from small to XL. The range of collection comes with an added promise of support that matches the International standards in every way. The Full Coverage Padded Bra from shyaway is available in 13 different colors. Some of the collection is enhanced with adjustable, detachable strap, that can also be replaced with transparent straps to work wonders with clothing where you don't want your bra strap.


Available in a wide range of bra colors ranging from every woman's wardrobe specialty- there are even some common colors like white, to the more basic black and beige. The performed padded bras also available in the multicolor palette in a multitude of styles. The bras are inspired by demand and have been styled to suit the end-users and their need to wear the perfect fit. The shirt bras provide maximum comfort and body stretch, additional shape padded on the inner sides of the cup for excellent fit and stitches gives perfect shape to the bust, and a shirt bra gives a smooth look on any shirts or outerwear. Shyaway offers you the Cotton Camisoles and comfortable Panties for you to choose from.


Color your lingerie drawer with comfortable and fashionable bras from shyaway. The collection is a bewitching fusion of comfort and style for the young and the young at heart. There are Cotton Bras with a variety of colors which makes any women be comfortable the whole day long.  Available in a vast design range from padded, moulded, sports and basic cut, the bra sits fine on every cup shape and hooks up in style. Trendy prints with contrast colors give beautiful support providing superior comfort and feel. Browse through our branded collection of Enamor, Laavian, Shyle, Susie and so on. Buying the products from shyaway gives you the full package of fun and enjoyment.